Cat who was so aggressive that her mom had to wear knee-high boots turns into a snugglebug 😻

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By earmpy

43 thoughts on “Grumpy, Un-adoptable Cat Is Her New Mom's Shadow | The Dodo Cat Crazy”
  1. These stories always bring tear to my eyes. Poor little one iam a use went through bad experiences. To get to that point. All they need is to feel the love 💘 you had to give her and trust she can reciprocated without being harmed. They are the are the same as children. They coil inward when the are harmed.. I keep repeating g there is no shortage of cruelty in this word.

  2. When I rescued my cat she was the same way I brought her home and didn’t see her for 2 months as if I didn’t even have a cat yet. I had to put the food and water under the bed where she stayed and I put the litter box in the bathroom that was very close and she always used it I just never saw. Eventually she’d come out and I’d not even react. It was so hard because I was so excited but I let her do her own time and every few weeks I’d move the litter box further and further eventually into the guest room bathroom down the hall and I wasn’t going to push it past that and she came out of her she’ll eventually. Still always skittish but cuddles and plays and greets me when I come home and sleep with me. I had asked the person at the spca who needed a home the most. Who would she be happiest to see get out of here today and she did not hesitate and walked me straight into the FIV cat room and just pulled this one out of underneath a cubby hidding. I just couldn’t resist. It’s been almost 4 years now and ditches is being treated royally. If there’s spelling mistakes my B

  3. my cat died 3 days ago, she was with me for beatiful 14 years and this google shows me only cat videos. yea thanks, i cried enough, 35y old MAN.

  4. if shy and afraid, speak gentle words and sing a bit… play softly w/ a long stick w/ a feather or soft toy from a few feet away (or more) at first. you may start to pet the cat w/ the stick and as long as you speak kindly and softly that should be okay. play gentle soft music or bird song on YT – they enjoy that. keep a dish of wet food and a dish of water in the room always. give a treat when they come out of hiding (from a few feet away). keep your distance in the first days, giving the little guy room to explore and check out the new situation. just make sure there is a litter box nearby for use in a hurry. a strange cat needs to use it because it is the only thing they actually understand instinctively. they are stressed, so be kind and very quiet at first. good luck and remember that it could take several days or maybe more. a soft blanket is a must as well. peace.

  5. I adopted a wild feral cat 7 months ago. Took about six months before she would come to me when I called. Now she tolerates my petting. Maybe by next autumn she will know we are friends for life and that I love her. Giving her the space and time to let her decide. She looks the Owl Kitty from YouTube.

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