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Hard Sugar? No Problem! 5 Tips To Bring Back Its Softness

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Have you ever been in a situation where you reached out for your sugar packet only to feel a hardened slab of it? We are sure you must’ve faced this at some point or another. The feeling of sugar granules becoming crumbly and sticking to each other can be quite annoying. This problem is even more prevalent during the monsoon. Now, heading out to buy new sugar isn’t always a practical idea. Sometimes, we need immediate solutions that help us avoid these kitchen conundrums. Are you looking for such quick fixes too? We’ve got you covered with these easy tips below:
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Here Are 5 Easy Tips To Soften Hard Sugar:

1. Use a paper towel

Yes, you can use a kitchen paper towel to soften hardened sugar. All you have to do is dampen the towel and place it inside the sugar container overnight. Make sure it’s not too wet; we just want it slightly dampened. This will help provide moisture to the sugar and bring it back to its soft state. Remove the damp paper towel from the box the next morning and crush the sugar using a spoon. It’ll be super soft and smooth.

2. Use a rolling pin

Don’t have paper towels around? No worries; make use of your good old rolling pin. Place the hardened sugar inside a zip-lock bag and seal it nicely. Crush it with the rolling pin and try to break it into small pieces. Once done, transfer these pieces to a mixer grinder and blend for a few minutes. Your sugar will be back in its natural form.

3. Microwave to your rescue

A microwave always makes things simpler for us. You can use it to soften your sugar as well. Place the sugar in a large bowl and cover it with a damp paper towel. Microwave for a few minutes until the sugar becomes soft. Make sure not to microwave it for too long, as we don’t want the sugar to melt. Keep it for a minute, and then check if it needs more time to soften.
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4. Use a bread slice

Did you know you could also use bread slices to soften your sugar? Bread is known for its ability to absorb moisture and works exceptionally well at doing the same with sugar. Put a slice of bread inside the container you’ve kept sugar in for a few hours. You can even keep it overnight for better results. You’ll notice that the bread has indeed turned moist and your sugar is back to being soft.

5. Apple slices

Just like bread helps absorb moisture from sugar, apple slices serve a similar function. Remove the core part of the apples and cut them into quarters. Place them inside the sugar container and store them in a cool place. After a few hours, remove them from the container and gently loosen the sugar granules using the back of a spoon.

Dealing with hardened sugar can be quite frustrating. Bring back its softness by following these easy tips. For more such interesting tips, keep coming back to our website.

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