Cases are surging in areas with low vaccination rates, and Tennessee’s vaccine chief claims she was fired for working to educate the public.

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31 thoughts on “Hospital admissions soar as COVID-19 cases rise in 47 states”
  1. Well what did the government Expect!!They change their Minds More than A Kid Getting A New Toy!!! 😁😂🤣 Mask NoMask Mask No Mask!! Y'all lost so much money y'all wanted the world back open U Get What You Asked For Its No Surprise! Gods Wrath is on the World and its people,its Not Nothing Else They Can't See that!! The god of this world has Blinded Their Minds! The Devil! You cannot temp God With Evil!! And No the kids don't need to go back to School back to The Real Deal Again this Virus is not playing!! That Map they showed I month ago was White now its back in RED it was never White the media lies!!!

  2. No need to worry, Our government will continue to do busy with Communist China even after they intentionally released Covid and murdered over 600,000 Americans.

  3. 8% are vaccinated…that shouldn't happen…sooner or later a variant will GET YOU. You either have the genes to survive it or you don't. Roll the dice.

  4. I liked that doctor's simple and fair statement about vaccination.
    He is not an exalted pro vaccine, he also rightly spoke of possible risks.
    He, IMHO, did an update on the stressful situation without frills.
    The youngs… now are the target of the Covid Delta mutation !
    Of course we may, or better we should, accept the the fact that the possibly chief reason can be put onto the fact that they aren't vaccinated.
    And watching an intubated person, young or old, is dramatic !!!
    Dears, all of you, stay safe a healthy 💚

  5. They're going to start lining up unvaccinated people while the vaccinated pepole watch And convinced that this the right thing to by the powers-that-be just so they can go back to living a "normal life" it seems ridiculous when you say it out loud but I wouldn't put it past governments or people an case stay ready folks

  6. Our local hospital is saying most their patients are 2 dosed vaccine patients. And most of those are in due to complications of vaccine, but they are required to code it covid visit.

  7. When you say 64% increase does that mean like four people had it last week and now eight people have it this week throw some real numbers that the people can understand not percentages

  8. If you wont get vaccinated o protect yourself, your family and everyone else around you, and then you get extremely sick, I cant have any empathy for you. You show that you dont care about anyone else by not getting vaccinated.

  9. The CDC lifted the face mask requirement for vaccinated people, did they honestly think non-vaccinated people weren’t going to take advantage of it? Even being fully vaccinated isn’t a guarantee you still won’t get it, how do we know that fully vaccinated people aren’t capable of still passing it. People who weren’t following guidelines to begin won’t follow them now, I have a hard time believing that numbers are rising only due to non-vaccinated people.

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