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By earmpy

46 thoughts on “How I Trained My Cats”
  1. كرر وأنشر فضلآ .. لا أمراً.. وجزيتم خيراً
    اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين عدد ما خلقت وبقدر ما خلقت وملء ما خلقت وعدد كل شيء وبقدر كل شيء وملء كل شيء من بدء الخليقة إلى يوم الدين مددآ بلا عدد ..

  2. えっここ日本???主が英語喋ってるからグローバルすぎて分からないけどとりあえずぬこ可愛い

  3. I trained a 8 years old cat the word " No ", now " No " means something he cannot do, aka disturbing me while I'm trying to take a shit. Once he hears " No " he stops and go away or slowly reverse like a car from the bathroom. He sometimes argue back by meowing or other sounds at me, but he knows no is no.
    Trained him to stop climbing on tables. ( received him at that age full of bad habit ).
    Trained him to not scratch my sofa and chairs.
    Trained him to stop biting and scratching.
    Trained him to scratch the window, then come to the door once I call him from the door.
    Trained him to drink alone, used to have to feed him water from your hands.

    Cats can be trained. I ain't a cat's slave, show them you are the master of the pack and you mean business and train them.

  4. I briefly considered letting my cat sniff ingredients as I prepare my food but then I remembered that thing called hygiene…and the importance of not being gross

  5. А тараканов, которых ты съедаешь, сперва тоже им даешь понюхать ?

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