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How To Clean Water Bottles And Keep Them Bacteria-Free

In our kitchens, we diligently clean various items like cabinets, jars, and countertops. Yet, we often overlook an essential item—water bottles. These bottles, used in every household, can accumulate stubborn stains and, if left uncleaned for extended periods, become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, potentially leading to various health issues. Occasionally, these bottles may even develop unpleasant odours. Simply rinsing them with water isn’t enough; water bottles require special cleaning. Here, we offer some cleaning hacks to help you keep your bottles free from bacteria.

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Utilize Vinegar

Vinegar, a versatile kitchen ingredient, isn’t just for culinary use; it’s also remarkably effective for cleaning bottles. If your water bottle has an unpleasant odour, mix vinegar with hot water and pour it into the bottle. Allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then shake the bottle and wash it as usual. Ensure thorough drying after washing.

Harness Baking Powder

Baking powder can be your ally in bottle cleaning. Take 3 to 4 tablespoons of vinegar in a container, add lukewarm water, and create a paste by incorporating 1 tablespoon of baking powder. Place this paste inside the bottle and let it sit for some time. Afterwards, scrub both the interior and exterior of the bottle to remove all stains effectively.

Employ Detergent Liquid

Detergent, a cleaning agent familiar to us, can also be used to clean bottles. Prepare a solution by mixing detergent with water. Pour this solution into the bottle and give it a good shake to ensure thorough cleaning from the inside. Don’t forget to clean the bottle’s exterior with this soapy liquid. Rinse the bottle meticulously with water.

Embrace the Power of Lemon

For heavily soiled drinking bottles, consider using lemon. Fill your bottle with lemon juice and lukewarm water, leaving it to soak for some time. Subsequently, sprinkle a bit of white salt onto the lemon peel and use it to scrub the bottle’s mouth. These techniques can effectively eliminate germs thriving in your bottle.

Turn to Dish Soap

Ordinary dish soap can also be employed to clean your bottles. Apply some dish soap to a scrubbing pad and use it to clean the bottle’s exterior. Alternatively, mix a small amount of soap with water, pour it into the bottle, and shake it for thorough interior cleaning. These handy tips allow you to keep your bottles clean on a daily basis.

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A Crucial Note: When cleaning plastic bottles, avoid using very hot water; instead, opt for lukewarm water. Additionally, it’s advisable to replace water bottles every 5 to 6 months for hygiene reasons. Give these tips a try and let us know which one proved most effective for you.


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