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How To Use Your Hand Blender For More Than Just Smoothies

There are many ways to simplify your cooking process by using kitchen tools. What’s more, there are several unique ways to use the same old kitchen tools in a new way. If you are a fan of kitchen tricks to make your life easier, here is a hand blender hack going viral on social media that you must try. Several chefs and food enthusiasts are using this technique to save their cooking time. We came across an Instagram video shared by Chef Aruna Vijay, one of the top 4 finalists in MasterChef India 2023. Just like this hack, the video has also gone viral, amassing more than 21 million views. In this video, Chef Aruna grinds different varieties of small batches of ingredients commonly used in Indian cooking.
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First, she grinds a mix of dry spices, and the seeds effortlessly turn into powder form in no time. To do this hack, the chef first inverts a hand blender and adds the spices to it. She then covers it with plastic wrap and grips the bag from the base. The hand blender is then turned on, and the spices are crushed to powder easily. Next, the chef adds pieces of chopped green chillies and garlic, which turns into a nice coarse paste. These can easily be used for your cooking. In the caption, she adds the warning to be careful while handling the blender blades.

A hand blender has been a common kitchen tool for a very long time now. Along with this viral hack, here are some more ways to use your hand blender.

Here Are 4 Other Ways To Use Hand Blender:

1. Making Buttermilk:

Summer is around the corner, and soon we will be making refreshing ‘lassi’ in our kitchen. Beat the curd using a hand blender and mix in water, spices, and ice cubes to effortlessly make refreshing buttermilk.
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2. Homemade Tomato Sauce:

Boil tomatoes and garlic cloves. Once tomatoes are boiled, mash them roughly with a fork and then use a hand blender to get a puree.

3. Beating Eggs:

Make some delicious omelets by using your hand blender to beat eggs. Combine salt, black pepper, herbs, and some red chilli flakes to add more flavour. Some people also like to mix a little milk into their egg mix.

4. Whipping Cream:

Take a tray full of ice and place a glass bowl on it. Now pour heavy cream into the bowl and use a hand blender to whip it. Keep moving the blender in a circular motion to whip the cream. You can also add a hint of vanilla essence to add more flavour to your whipped cream.


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