How Well Mother Cats Take Care of Their Kittens? Funny and Cute Cat’s Life

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By earmpy

27 thoughts on “How Well Mother Cats Take Care of Their Kittens? Funny and Cute Cat's Life”
  1. I love how Momma Cats protect and take care of the babies. Humans could learn a lot from them! Watching these makes all of my cares go away. I'm in Kitty Heaven. So sweet and Precious 😺😸😹😻💋💋💋🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Please, I am collecting all the poor and sick street cats, I don’t have money to buy a meal and I don’t have a house to keep them in. Please help me, even for a small amount, even for $ 1, but they helped me

  3. 1:54 mom cat be like: just you wait until your dad is looking away!
    Dad cat looks away
    Mom cat be like: hahaha see im powerfull!
    Dad cat sees be like: HOW DARE YOU!

  4. When mamas are rough or seemingly mean to their kittens, it’s to teach them how to act for their protection. I didn’t realize that at first until I started rescuing feral kittens and cats to get them fixed

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