CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced that the number of Covid-19 cases in the United States rose 10 percent as the highly contagious delta variant continued to spread in the country’s vulnerable communities. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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‘Hypertransmissible’ Delta Variant Spreading As Covid Cases Rise 10%


By earmpy

42 thoughts on “'Hypertransmissible' Delta Variant Spreading As Covid Cases Rise 10%”
  1. And as long as people in general assume things are getting better even though they know the variants are spreading. This will be the beginning of a 4 wave all because people are thick headed and stubborn and care more for doing the pleasures of living rather than being safe. Nothing new about this. When we start to see the death toll go back up along with more infections maybe just maybe after enough people have died will this proud and stubborn people finally get the message. Hopefully not before someone in their family or circle of friends has to pay the ultimate price.

  2. Just wait for the variant so contagious that you don't even have to be near it to catch it
    And the one after all you have to do is think about it and you might die

  3. So it went from the Vaccine was meant to protect you from contracting this made up virus, known as Covid to, now if you have the vaccine it does not mean you are protected from contracting it, you now have less chance of being hospitalised if you take the vaccine, lol.

    I mean come on, do you think all of us are idiots or something?.

    You stated back in January 2021, these vaccines were to protect against infection, so contracting the virus.

    6 months on, this has now changed too, the vaccine does not actually fully protect you from contracting this made up disease, but it is now to prevent you from being hospitalised.

    LMFAO, make your mind up. Now I know people in general are easily led and also ignorant, hence why you have a captive audience, but most people have no soul remember or brains in between their ears so panic and listen to the lies. This Covid is to be questioned and the criminal activities of the banks and richest people on this planet since the made up disease outbreak is sinful and I am astonished that we have not revolted yet, especially in the United States.

    I have little time for the Americans, but I tell you something, if they rebel against their tyrranous government, same with the UK, then the respect will be fully restored. The change has to come from the American people, if they are so sure they have a Democracy, then it has to come from America the uprising and if they do, then we will see other countries follow suit, to include the UK and other Western powers that are waining and losing their influence on the global stage now.

    So sit back and look at some facts. I have stated one fact above that should make you really question the reality of what is going on now, so Covid, the financial shocks that continue, all of these events are rigged events, controlled by a handful of people who are deep sinners and will not, I repeat NOT get away with it. They will get their comeuppance, I can categorically assure you of this :).

  4. Just FYI, the threshold of the PCR test is lower in the vaccinated. Meaning they turn up sensitivity if not vaccinated and turn down sensitivity if vaccinated- makes the vaccine look a lot more effective than it is. If vaccinated are still testing positive & getting hospitalized, imagine the real numbers and efficacy of the vaccine. Check threshold parameters under fda and cdc for yourselves. – an ICU RN

  5. We need the Honest To God truth to matters pertaining to the Virus ! Is this Virus mutating and becoming less resistant to the vaccine or is the vaccine NOT EFFECTIVE enough to be a valuable effective treatment ?
    One truth is totally OBVIOUS in that the world has suffered more fatalities from the Virus than the total deaths due to all the wars of the previous 200 years ! !

  6. the real show is about to begin when these poor SoB's who got the vaccine thought things would get better but still can't cross the border… and children become walking corpses thinking they did what's best for the child…my god….let the show begin bud ….cheer's ….godbless u sheep who got tricked …im here for yeah since 2019 trying to sound the alarm…but its a conspiracy ……I know a person who has Lukimiah, cancer, diabetes who got covid 19 and lived….then got the first shot of the vaccine and almost lost her left arm because the nurse "missed the muscle"……yeah sure…t

  7. TALK TO ANY DOCTOR/ NURSE you know in your family or someone close who Did his Duty during COVID..Ask Him / her was it a joke/hoax ? You will get your answer .Or are they also
    Lying ? . Inbred fools😂

  8. Are cases rising because the Delta variant is so much more transmissible and therefore the Delta variant is ascending to dominance, or are they rising simply because our vaccines are underperforming against the Delta variant? It can be spun either way at this point, absent any data at all that I'm aware of. It's a small but significant difference that will affect how attractive vaccines are to the general public. If the Delta virus is simply deadlier and more transmissible then that would argue for getting vaccinated asap, and getting booster shots frequently. Note that Big Pharma cheers this perception because it is a powerful advertisement for vaccine sales leading to billions more in Big Pharma's pockets. On the other hand, the perception that the rise in cases, and concomitant dominance of the Delta variant, is due to our vaccines not working so well against the Delta variant, is a strong disincentive for getting vaccinated which hurts vaccine sales and thereby costs Big Pharma billions. Note that Fauci plays up the vaccines while telling everyone – at least by implication – that going unvaccinated is risking death. All of which is very good for vaccine sales. Coincidence? Possibly. However, I am now hearing that there are 4000+ fully vaccinated people now testing positive for covid. I don't hear much about that, which makes me suspicious because you would think that would be important news.

  9. If she was left to make decisions, wed be in "lockdown" for the next 3 years.

    Even though I am a democrat, I do not support restrictions

  10. I think people should have the right to not take it but if you get it and have problems or die can't feel sorry for you and if you don't have any issues power to you simple

  11. Good to see most ppl aren’t falling for the bs anymore. This witch don’t even sound convincing. These ppl constantly lie and want us to still trust them. The gullible liberals might still believe them but I know what’s up the truth will come out one day.

  12. I work in Transportation and my dispatcher is a indian guy his cousin family entire 9 people died in India because of covid, he was shocked.
    I live in Canada.

  13. These vaccines weren’t even tested on mice! No rigorous testing was done. It was rushed. When FDA fully approves I’ll vaccinate period.

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