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I IQ Test my cats Ralph & Bella, to find it if they’re geniuses!

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Seriously Unscientific & Borderline Silly Cat Reasoning, Intelligence & Behaviour Exam

Section 1: Tasks

Question 1. Play a video of birds on the TV. Does your cat:
1. Never realise it’s just a video and try to catch the birds
2. Take a bit of time but eventually realise it’s a video
3. Quickly realise it’s a video and that they can’t actually catch them
_/3 _/3
Question 2. Place a mirror in front of your cat. Does your cat:
1. Try to fight their reflection
2. Show interest but soon realise it’s a reflection
3. Immediately know it’s a reflection and show disinterest
_/3 _/3
Question 3. Place some string on your cat’s back. Do they:
1. Do nothing
2. Ripple their fur
3. Somehow remove the string
_/3 _/3
Question 4. Show your cat their favourite toy, and then hide it. Do they:
1. Never find it
2. Find it in under 30 seconds
3. Find it in under 15 seconds
_/3 _/3

Section 2: Observations (Score 1-5)

Question 5. Does your cat wake up at the same time / have a similar morning routine?
_/5 _/5
Question 6. Does your cat go to bed at the same time / have a similar evening routine?
_/5 _/5
Question 7. Does your cat like a variety of different foods?
_/5 _/5
Question 8. How does your cat communicate they want feeding?
1. They don’t
2. Sit by their bowl
3. Meow relentlessly
4. Lead you to the bowl (or where the food is kept)
5. 2, 3 & 4
_/5 _/5

Section 2 (Continued) : Observations (Score 1-3)

Question 9. Does your cat make different sounds for different needs?
1. My cat rarely makes a sound
2. My cats makes a few different sounds
3. My cat makes loads of different sounds for different needs
_/3 _/3
Question 10. How many words does your cat recognise?
1. 1-5
2. 6-10
3. 11+
_/3 _/3

Question 11. When stroking your cat, do they move to encourage you to stroke certain spots?
1. No, they stay still
2. Slightly / occasionally
3. They don’t sit still, always telling me where to stroke
_/3 _/3
Question 12. Can you teach your cat tricks?
1. No way
2. Yes, but only basic tricks and very slowly
3. Yes, with ease
_/3 _/3
Question 13. If yes, how long do they remember these tricks?
1. No
2. A few days or weeks, with reminder training
3. More or less forever, with reminder training
_/3 _/3

Section 3: Human Evaluation (1-10)

Question 14. You know your cat best! On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how intelligent are they?
_/10 _/10

Section 1 Total: __/12 __/12
Section 2 Total: __/35 __/35
Section 3 Total: __/10 __/10
Overall Total: __/57 __/57

0-25 Head full of fluff
26-40 Average
41-50 Purr-etty Clever
51-57 Feline Purr-odigy


By earmpy

25 thoughts on “I IQ Tested My Cats”
  1. So we have two glass doors on two sides of our house and my cat normally always sits in front of them when she wants us to let her in. But at some time she figured out that I can hear her from my room if she sits in front of the actual front door and meows. I still wonder if that was by accident and she just learned that I can hear her by simply triying to get someone open the door where no one can see her or if she figured out that my windows are above the front door by looking out of the window and going outside every day. She also knows how to open closet doors though they are too heavy for her most of the time. One time she nearly locked herself in-
    Oh and sometimes she just nearly falls of her favourite sleeping place wich is basically a little nest on top of her cat tree. She actually fell off once or twice during sleep and I'm glad that she didn't get hurt O.O

  2. my cat IAN
    wake up, annoy me, take a nap, give me anxiety by sitting on the edge of the banister of my stairs, sleep, annoy me in my sleep

  3. Chris I've been watching your channel for a really long time and I really missed Tom and Reggie but I hope they have a good life in heaven cat Heaven hehehe and I have two cats to hope and Nutmeg nutmeg looks a lot like Ralph she's really fluffy but she's white and Nutmeg color hope is black and white but she has way more white bye

  4. dont judge them too hard for the fake-birds on tv!

    For example when first kinescopes were used to display videos on a big screen, peoples would get scared and run away from a black&white video of a train

  5. I miss reggie and tom but clearly your cats are like mine with the 4 and 2 gone by now i had 2 cats at first called spotty and mistrif then they passed away and now i have peaches and JJ

  6. Hey have a sleep Chris I have two cats at my house and I have another cat their names are bells Job and squeaks I have three I could show you the pictures but they’re so cute Bell is not the same as Bella but she is a very scary cat

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