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ICYMI: 6 Recent Food-Related World Records That Will Surprise You

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Whether it’s in terms of size, cost, time or even level of skill, we are always interested in superlatives. And one of the best ways to keep track of these awe-inspiring facts is through world records. Guinness World Records (GWR) is considered one of the best record keepers and they track a wide range of achievements throughout the world. We have put together a short list of food-related records that have made headlines recently and that you might have missed. From the world’s most expensive sushi to an action you wouldn’t believe can be measured, discover a few extraordinary feats below:
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Here Are 6 Recent Food-Related World Records That You Must Know About:

1. This is the world’s most expensive cheese block sold at auction

(Stock image) Cabrales blue cheese from Spain. Photo Credit: Pixabay

A type of blue cheese from Northern Spain, known as the Cabrales blue cheese, recently broke the world record for the most expensive cheese sold at auction. Towards the end of August 2023, a 2.2kg wheel of this “semi-hard, very strong-tasting blue cheese” was sold at a local cheese festival in Spain for €30,000 (approximately INR 27 lakhs). Interestingly, the person who bought this cheese block had also purchased the one that previously held the world record (set in 2019). Read the full story here.

2. The most expensive sushi in the world costs this much

Sushi lovers, are you paying attention? If you want to partake in your ultimate dream platter, you have to be ready to shell out more than 2 lakh rupees! Yes, you read that right. As of 25 July 2023, the world record for the most expensive sushi is attributed to the “Kiwami Omakase” course at Sushi Kirimon, a restaurant in Osaka, Japan. This course comprises 20 expertly crafted pieces of sushi, made using a wide variety of fishes and other types of seafood. Find out more about it here.

3. The world’s largest marshmallow is quite heavy – here’s its total weight

A popular Mexican confectionery company Dulces Mazapan de la Rosa entered the Guinness Book of World Records with its creation of a marshmallow weighing 648 kg. Candy fans, sound like a real challenge for you? According to GWR, a team of 100 people worked for 53 hours in order to make this gigantic sweet treat. Curious to know how it looks? Take a look here.

4. This is the record number of walnuts cracked by a person’s head


There exists a world record for cracking walnuts with one’s head. Photo Credit: Twitter/ @GWR

It’s not just food items we’re interested in. There are also unique food-related skills that fascinate us. We couldn’t help but marvel at the talent of a man who holds the world record for cracking the most number of walnuts – with his head! What also caught our interest was that he hails from Andhra Pradesh. GWR credits Naveen Kumar S in Nellore with a record number of 273 walnuts cracked with the head in one minute. GWR has also uploaded a video showcasing his jaw-dropping feat. Watch it here.

5. This woman has the world’s “loudest burp”

Who knew burping could win you global fame? GWR seems to document different kinds of achievements, but this one certainly stands out. The world record for the loudest burp is currently held by Kimberly Winter, whose burp measured 107.3 decibels (dB). Wondering how such a measurement was even possible? Read the full story here.

6. This is the size of the tiniest wooden spoon in the world

Cutlery is food-related, but we doubt this piece will be of much use for eating. After all, the world’s smallest wooden spoon measures just 1.6 millimetres (0.06 inches). This is a great example of artistry being prized over utility. An Indian micro artist named Shashikant Prajapati is the person behind this mini-masterpiece. Find out more about it here.

Which of these records surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below. 
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