By earmpy

34 thoughts on “If You See a Cat Like This, Take Your Cat Away Immediately”
  1. Found a kitten yesterday and she just really shy , but she’s not aggressive
    And boom this video shows up in my recommendations haha 😂😊

  2. This made me remember a cool fact about Vultures… If a vulture has a prey item they can't get into they will lead lions and tigers (you know…. bigger animals with sharper teeth) to the prey and let them eat then after they are done the vultures will finish off the meal.

  3. if your cats belly is actually starting to be swollen and if it's losing all its energy and sleep more than usual , it could be a "Feline infectious peritonitis" and … nothing exists to save ur cat life so it will die

  4. Dig vultures intestinal environment means they eat it all. Some rave eat bones. And yes they do circle but only while the target is either still or alive or a person or car comes by and they thinks it’s a bigger predator going for the kill

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