Health authorities in Israel have claimed that the Pfizer vaccines are reportedly less effective in checking the spread of Coronavirus in the country. However, they say that inoculation is still highly effective in keeping serious illness at bay.

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By earmpy

24 thoughts on “Israel sees decline in Pfizer's efficacy rate amid spread of Delta variant | COVID-19 Vaccine News”
  1. If the lab in China did create the virus, would it not be logical for China to have also had a solution. In other words, why not use the Chinese vaccine? If the rest of the world does not trust the Chinese vaccine, why trust any other vaccine? It does not make sense, does it? Unless …

  2. Pg 133 of “The Truth About Covid 19” by Dr Robert Mercola talks about “antibody-dependent immune enhancement” – Something Drs have known about since 1960s- This is when a viral medicine renders you MORE prone to disease & death if subsequently you are infected with the virus.

  3. The virus will outsmart all of the vaccines produced sooner or later.. looks more like covid will be endemic and yearly jab will be needed.. if there is a strong variant, ppl will likely be asked again to be vaccinated en masse.. ivermectin should be used to quell the ever mutating virus

  4. If the covid-19 vaccine does not protect us 100% from the virus, but only ensures a milder cases, are those of us who got the vaccine more likely to cause variants that learns how to fight the antibodies? Much the same as not take enough antibiotics cause resistant bacteria.

    I ask, because I saw where the news said unvaccinated people are the cause of variants, so it made me think that the virus, if it lives in vaccinated people who’s antibodies aren’t strong enough to 100% fight it off, than wouldn’t the virus then learn and adapt to and cause variants that know how to be stronger against vaccinated people?so than could vaccinated people than be the carriers of variants their body created?

  5. nowbody talks that cases do not equal severity as they not involve more deaths or hospitalizations. Covid is not going to go away, cases should be totally normal as while they do not increase deaths and hospitalizations. Stop this show please

  6. my question is; are you stupid? or are you smart? you did a mass vaccination in Israel but now you complain about the delta variant and after delta variant what other variant will come out? do you want to stay stupid or wake up from your sleep?

  7. So what about reinfection , your saying natural antibodies after someone has successfully beaten covid has a higher chance of reinfection than someone who has had the vaccine. If so where are your studies? I’ve had covid and it was luckily a mild illness so you couldn’t pay me to get the jab.

  8. I followed every Covid protocol out there ,including taking the vaccines and i feel so betrayed .😔😔What is the point in doing all this when no one knows when a new strain in going to pop up 😏😏

  9. I feel the only way to measure the effectiveness is to cordon of an area with no way in or out and to supply that area with conveyor automation and in that area to vaccinate EVERYONE, let business and life go about as normal and to monitor that area and to gauge the difference. This a war we are fighting, it needs to be put on a war footing and waged in the most effective way for the most effective benefit/

  10. Please reduce the speed of reading the news so that listeners can follow what you are reading. Viewers know your proficieny in fast reading.

  11. They want one world order, and this pan dem IV is a way to get there. Did you know about a year and half ago China was injecting their military with vaccines that would make them obey orders and withstand the cold? Look it up.

  12. It is my opinion that the vaccines were meant to do something else entirely. Now, they are saying that we need a brand new vaccine. They must think we are stupid. Well, anyone who took the vaccine trusts too easily.

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