Today, Josh is seeing if he can impress his cat with a gourmet meal. Make your own with the recipe below! MK # 064

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Time Stamps:
Catnip Risotto – 1:05
Salmon Pate – 7:02
Liver Mousse – 10:07

Step 1: Make The Catnip Barley Risotto
* 4 cans fancy feast ocean whitefish
* 2 whole fish (trout or something?)
* 1 bottle catnip
* ½ cup pre-cooked barley
* 1 big bowl of spinach

1) Add whole fish to an instant pot with some catnip. Pressure cook on high for 20 minutes. Strain the fish stock.
2) Add hot fish stock to fresh spinach in a vitamix and puree.
3) Add the barley to a pan with spinach white fish catnip stock and simmer while constantly stirring until all the liquid has absorbed, about 8 minutes. Let cool and reserve.

* Instant Pot
* Vitamix
* Strainer
* Large sauce pot
* Large saucepan

Step 2: Make Salmon Pumpkin Pate
* 2 filets salmon, skin-on
* 1 pumpkin

1) Poach salmon in simmering water for 10 minutes, until just cooked through. Remove and drain on paper towels.
2) Skin squash and boil until fully cooked.
3) Hand chop the salmon with the squash to create a bright orange paste.

* Cutting Board
* Knife
* 2 medium sauce pots
* Paper towels

Step 3: Sous Vide Chicken Liver Mousse and Assemble
* 8 ounces raw chicken livers
* 2 raw egg yolks
* Bottle of catnip

1) Clean livers and add to a sous vide bag along with catnip.
2) Remove livers from sous vide, pat dry on paper towels, then add to a food processor with raw egg yolks.
3) Add a large ring mold to a plate. Layer on barley risotto, salmon pate, and chopped liver.

* 1 large stock pot with water
* Vacuum sealer
* Sous vide machine
* Food processor
* Plate
* Ring mold


By earmpy

32 thoughts on “Josh Cooks For His Cat (Featuring Pippin The Cat)”
  1. Cooking meat is also very hard on thier body. they also get hardly anything that raw meat provides when you cook the meat. Raw meat is far better for them and they will not die but will do the exact opposite and be extremely healthy.

  2. "Cat's like their food at 98 degrees" Yep, they can smell it easier that way so it tastes better and that's why I heat up my cats food for every meal. He seems to like it!

  3. I think your mistake was you mixed too many textures. If I accidentally mix textures of my cat's wet food she refuses to eat it lol. It's either pate only or chunk only or shredded only!

  4. I don't believe that cats can't taste sugar my cat's favorite thing to steel is candy corn. and you can teach your cat tricks my will sit for treats

  5. 6:22

    People feeding BARF/whole model prey, Pottenger's cats:

    Also if you ever do this again, I would put the meat layer on top, because yes, cats like meat.

  6. i beleave that raw meat (at least chicken) is safe for cats, but it may vary based on what their usual diet is… if the cat is used to eat raw meat, for example if it hunts outside, then its safe but maybe not if it is an inside cat that only eats canned or dry food. i dont know… we give our outide cats raw chicken on occation, but newer raw fish (idk why, maybe its not safe or maybe they dont like it…)

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