Lisa Kudrow brought a “Friends” classic back during the newly released HBO Max special “Friends: The Reunion.” She grabbed her guitar to reprise Phoebe’s infamous song “Smelly Cat” but this time there was a special twist. Lady Gaga and a choir joined the actress on set to sing a new rendition of the song, made famous from the sitcom. Lady Gaga went on to thank Lisa for bringing a character who was “different” to life.

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Lady Gaga & Lisa Kudrow Sing ‘Smelly Cat’ on ‘Friends’ Reunion



By earmpy

47 thoughts on “Lady Gaga & Lisa Kudrow Sing ‘Smelly Cat’ on ‘Friends’ Reunion”
  1. : "Can I just say something? Thank you so much for being… uh the person for all of us on 'Friends', that was the– I don't know if this is the right way to say, but the– different one, or the one that was really herself."

    : " Thank you, and thanks for carrying it along."

    So moving.

  2. I don't know how it happened but I, 60'ish white hetro male American, love Lady gaga! Now if she'd do a duet or four with my other girlfriend, Miley, I could die a happy man. Girls, my birthday is coming up so….

  3. Lisa looks uncomfortable. I don't know why they invited Lady Gaga. What does she have to do with Friends? I would prefer to listen to the whole Smelly Cat by Lisa.

  4. Not to hate and not that it's Lisa Kudrow's fault in the SLIGHTEST, but this was just so cringeworthy and awkward as hell. Not only does Lady Gaga have no relevance to Friends, but they didn't even take the time to add any scripted, funny dialogue or a short skit or ANYTHING. Just singing for too long and it was so weird and unnecessary..

  5. They should’ve done a modern mini series.
    5 episodes and guests spread across them all rather than stuffed them with awkward forced celebrity moments

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