LIFE OF THE PARTY MOVIE REVIEW | WORST MELISSA MCCARTHY MOVIE?! – It’s been a long time since we’ve had this but Korey Coleman has finally found another movie to lose his mind on! The Double Toasted podcast review the newest Melissa McCarthy movie, as well as show video clips from the movie and the movie’s trailer, while also giving their full review as well as a spoiler discussion on “Life of the Party” in this funny video!

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By earmpy

  1. Recently watched the movie, my initial thought was “I bet the writer of this movie is a divorced or unhappily married middle aged woman who wanted to write a fanfiction about herself hooking up with a college boy and ‘becoming’ hotter and everyone loves her” BUT THEN halfway throughout the movie I looked up the producer only to find out Melissa McCarthy IS the fanfic writer. Yikes.

  2. Loved seeing Martin recapping the third act and changing his vote to "fuck you". You can just hear it in his voice when he said " you know what?! Yeah! Lol

  3. I cannot stand this woman. Her and Rebel Wilson. They both play the SAME role over and over and over. When is her 15 minutes up?

  4. Does Hollywood not realize that older people go to community college? I took a college art course in my senior year of Highschool and one of my classmates had grandkids a year younger than me.

  5. yeah for me I don't mind bad Melissa mcarthy movies, like I loooved: Tammy, Identity thief and Happytime Murders
    but this movie, 1st off they take a freaking plot that hasn't been seen since the 80s
    a dumb college movie about mainly sex, and its has that lazy joke of The kid having to deal with the mother going to the same classes.
    and I thought, Oh well Melissa Mccarthy can make it funny I'm sure. and she just cooouldnt it was cringy, dumb, and heck I actually stopped watching it halfway through. I couldn't even finish it.

  6. I'm still waiting for the day that the general public comes to the realization that for the most part, any film starring cast members or frequent guest stars from SNL is a reason to run in the OPPOSITE direction of the theater. It's seriously like anyone who ever pulls a paycheck from NBC for being on that show, whether as a cast member or a guest, is contractually obligated to make incredibly stupid movies that wouldn't even be funny in the form of a 4 minute sketch on the show.

  7. God damn I keep revisiting these Melissa McCarthy reviews and forgetting how CREEPY Ben Falcone looks in those pictures.

  8. the sad part is that that twist was already done beat-for-beat on an episode of Community which also stars Gillian Jacobs. I have to imagine she said something on set…

  9. I love it when other people notice how awful melissa McCarthy is. The white women i date absolutely love her. Then i break up with then

  10. "No, we definitely are!!" …That's a "Yes!!" Let's go ahead and take a look at the trailer for this bs and…" Was hooked! So, direct, had to listen right to the end, liked it! Thank you.

  11. Just saw this recently when I went out of town. I saw probably a good portion of the middle, and I had no desire to watch the rest. You guys are completely right on this one. It was completely predicable, good actors/actresses went way over the top for no reason, and it was bland in every way.

  12. While this wasn’t a GOOD movie it was at least entertaining. It felt like the director just put a camera on melissa mccarthy and let her do whatever but she still gave some laughable moments. But im upset that you could trash talk this movie but have nothing but positive reviews for that dumpster trash movie Game Night which was dry and severely unfunny

  13. she has the same problem as kevin hart, she plays the same character in all of her normal comedies
    tammy and that other film where shes teamed with sandra bullock, the heat
    at least those films are slightly more coheasve than this film
    plus, the writers who wrote this, they are idiots, they were writting a goddamn dumpster fire of a story

  14. "You crotchity old critics gotta suspend your disbelief! Just go with it! Have fun!"

    No. Movies like this are just bad joke, after bad joke, after bad joke. I'll suspend my disbelief but not my tolerance for bad jokes

  15. Over 2 mins on inane ramblings and no mention of the movie that is 'supposedly' being reviewed – I gave up watching this.

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