Little Brother
Carlitta Durand
Life Of The Party (remix)

I really like this track and couldn’t find it on Youtube so I just uploaded it. Its on their album “And Justus For All”


By earmpy

35 thoughts on “Little Brother – Life Of The Party (remix)”
  1. Yo, little brother, hopefully you read this, but I just heard about the tornadoes that went through raleigh,NC, & I just wanna say as a fan, I hope everything is good with you and you're family.. Get at me, and let me know, again prayers out to everyone, I wish nothing bit the best…

  2. @HipHopPolooza I was speaking as a former employee of one of the largest Black Communications Conglomerates in the world (Radio One). A "Black" radio station is defined as Urban-Contemporary, Hip-Hop/R&B, Urban-Adult/Soul, even Black Gospel…that's NOT an opinion. Tell U what though, instead of arguing over semantics…how about we just support these great, underground artists!?! Folks love to MAKE a point, but can't seem 2 ever MAKE a difference…

  3. @OvrC59 how can you claim that as a fact the only logical way to do that is to know of every "black" music station (which is an opinion in itself) and determine his play. I doubt you did that.

  4. @Shadapaga That's a negative. I buy at least 30 CD's a year. Not as many as when I was a 22 yr old, but I'd still call that a consumer. I also LEGALLY download from iTunes, but I get the gist of what U're saying. Save the music y'all!!!

  5. @Shadapaga Why do they want it though? That's the question. They can't want what they don't know exists. There was a time in the 90's when things changed. It's funny how NWA coexisted with Public Enemy who coexisted with 2 Live Crew. Neither got a tone of airplay…NWA got almost None. There should be a balance and there isn't because it's all in what the record companies push. I don't even blame Radio at this point. Still, I've heard Execs say shady sh*t. U have valid points though. Respect

  6. @Shadapaga Black markets do NOT play NEW Eminem much anymore (FACT). And my nephews and little cousins download more music than any of MY peers.

  7. @Shadapaga Eminem is the biggest selling Rap Artist of all time and he's VERY lyrical. White and Top 40 stations play his new stuff, but most Black markets won't touch it. I do believe most of his fans are White. Conscious rap was huge at one time, until the powers that be decided to promote BS. I'm not arguing with U because obviously U're just a listener and not schooled in the industry. Peace!

  8. @Shadapaga 1st off, I never said anything about Execs "trying to destroy black people"..that's was YOUR interpretation. Also, Radio One is not subscription based; it's the largest Black Owned Radio Company in the world. I was only at XM 2 years (Read for Comprehension). Like I said, I've sat in meetings where I've heard PD's say "This song is too lyrical to be played…let's play more dance music…kids don't care about music". WTF is "too lyrical"??? cont'd…

  9. @Shadapaga Dude, I worked 7 years with Radio One and 2 with Sirius/XM…so what's your qualifications??? The fact is…this joint got love on Satellite radio, but not FM. I have sat in those meetings U d**k!!!

  10. @johnny718bravo Aside from this joint being 3 years old & Little Brother now being a defunct group…@houria07 hit the nail on the head. Real Rap gets NO radio love. The "suits" tend 2 want our kids brainwashed by ignorance. If it isn't unintelligible, dance oriented, or pseudo-genocidal…the powers that be don't seem 2 want "US" 2 hear it!!! And by "US" I don't mean Black People…I mean the HIP HOP culture.

  11. I think this album was dope. Yea we all miss 9th wonders production but LB can still make great music without him. Sadly they broke up 🙁

  12. theres not good tracks on this album.. really..delusional,life of the party,never leave,without you,let it go,…this album is a great album..

  13. This is THE "Life of the Party" I always tried to find. This beat is so dope and Carlitta delivered on the hook. Top 5 LB joint of all time in my book.

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