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Looking For A Weekend Recipe Thats Healthy Too? Try Dahi Shorba

Weekend is here, which means, it’s time to set aside all your work and get in a relaxed mode. And if you are a foodie like us, then you are surely scanning through your recipe book to pick something delicious to replicate. While some go for cheat meals, keeping all the calorie thoughts aside, some prefer sticking to eating clean and healthy. But that doesn’t mean the food has to be tasteless. In fact, a basic study on the internet will show you a variety of dishes worldwide that are both healthy and tasty. This weekend, we bring you one such dish to try – it’s called dahi shorba.

Are Soup And Shorba The Same? 

For beginners, shorba is the Urdu (or Persian) word for the soup itself. But if you look into it closely, you will find some basic differences between a quintessential soup and shorba. A soup is usually served as an appetizer, whereas, shorba can be consumed during the main course. Secondly, a bowl of soup may or may not include vegetables and other ingredients. Whereas, shorba always includes vegetables or meat in it. Most importantly, shorba is usually spicier than a regular soup.
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What Makes Dahi Shorba So Unique:

On the very first look, dahi shorba would look like kadhi. Wonder why? It is because the dish is a hearty mix of dahi and besan, along with other ingredients. But unlike kadhi, it has a runny texture and is enjoyed hot. It also includes an interesting concoction of spices that add a burst of flavours to your palate. And if you have been wondering about its benefits, then let us tell you, dahi shorba makes the ultimate recipe for comforting your body and soul. In fact, the besan makes you feel fuller and dahi helps promote digestion, leading to a healthy gut. Aren’t these reasons enough for you to give this amazing dish a try? If you are convinced enough, then without further ado, let’s get going.

How To Make Dahi Shorba | Dahi Shorba Recipe:

Much like soup, dahi shorba is super easy to make at home. Start with beating the dahi and add besan and water gradually to it. You have to keep an eye on the consistency and make sure there’s no lump in the mix. Next, add salt, sugar, and radish to it and simmer. Finally, throw in the spices, simmer for some time and you are good to go! Your hearty bowl of dahi shorba is ready to be relished. Click here for the detailed recipe.
Try this light and flavourful shorba this weekend and let us know how you liked it.

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