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Love Pizza? Savour Lip-Smacking Global Ones At NOMAD in Khar

New restaurant review: Mumbai folks, there’s a new pizza place in the Khar-Bandra area that you should pay a visit to. NOMAD first began as a cloud kitchen in Delhi in 2019. Over time, it has grown to become a pizza brand with more than 30 kitchens across the country and a dine-in establishment, which opened in Mumbai recently. The restaurant and bar serves mouth-watering pizzas, pastas, salads, and various sides. NOMAD specialises in what they call “global pizzas.” So whether you’re interested in European or American-style pizzas, NOMAD has got you covered. We had the opportunity to try a few of their offerings some time ago. Read our full review below:

We began with the New York-style Green Apple And Walnut Salad. Firstly, let us tell you that the portion was quite generous. This salad seems made to be shared. We were left impressed with the subtleties of flavour and texture that each bite brought. Everything worked together well: the crispness of the lettuce, the crunch of walnuts, the juiciness of the charred orange, the tartness of the apple and the softness of the feta cheese. Note that this salad leans towards the sweeter side, mainly due to the caramelised walnuts and the honey balsamic dressing.

French Croquettes Di Pollo at NOMAD. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

Next, we relished the French Croquettes Di Pollo (chicken croquettes). This starter was predictably tender on the inside and crisp on the outside – we had no complaints. The star element was the paprika aioli dip it was served with, which we savoured till it was finished. There are not many small bite-type appetiser options for vegetarians here, at least till now. However, the variety in the other categories ensures a near-equal amount of choices for patrons of either preference.

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The California Pesto Medley At NOMAD. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

Instead of a conventional appetiser, we therefore choose one of NOMAD’s signature Garlic breads. It turned out to be something much more filling, but it was so delicious, we didn’t mind. NOMAD has elevated this classic side dish to a unique range of treats packing extra layers of flavour. We binged on the California Pesto Medley, which featured a stuffed pizza bread, topped with cheese, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. While we would have preferred more of the basil goodness in our bread, we enjoyed the overall experience. It was something in between a calzone and a pizza, with a crisp crust and an indulgent filling.

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NOMAD’s Kaffir Lime Elixir. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

Before we move on to the pizzas, let us brief you about the drinks we liked here. NOMAD serves alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages. In the latter section, one can choose between hot/ cold coffee brews and loaded shakes. The bar menu includes many signature and classic cocktails you should consider tasting. We recommend the American Cosmopolitan (vodka, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, lime). It was zingy and satisfying. We also loved the Spanish Sangria (red wine, pineapple juice. Orange juice, ginger ale and basil). It was a refreshing concoction we would return for. If you want to try something different, you could go for the Kaffir Lime Elixir (kaffir lime leaf-infused vodka, vetiver and smoked tea cordial, dry vermouth and mint oil). The smoky hint of tea gives the drink a distinctive edge.

 All Veg Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at NOMAD

All Veg Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at NOMAD. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

Now, we finally come to the pizzas we’d been waiting to try all evening. The best part about NOMAD is that it doesn’t just offer one or two types of pizzas. It’s not about “thin crust” or “regular crust” here. Rather, there are several varieties, each named after a different place around the globe. The key categories are Naples, New York, Chicago deep dish, and Detroit styles. But you also have individual pizza choices inspired by the cuisine of Turkey, Armenia, Korea, Thailand, Poland, Spain and others. We tried the All Veg Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, and it’s going to be difficult to go back to the usual kind now! This one featured a filling (not topping) of roasted peppers, jalapenos, sun-dried tomatoes and lots of cheese. As the style dictates, it is also topped with cheese and a tomato-based sauce. Too much cheese can sometimes be off-putting, but this pizza nailed the balance.

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All Chicken Pizza (3-slice Naples Special) at NOMAD. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

For some of the Naples-style pizzas, you can also choose to order a 3-slice special, which is a smaller version, but equally yummy. We tasted the All Chicken Pizza from this part of the menu, and it didn’t disappoint. It came with peri peri chicken sausage, bacon, pepperoni and smoked chicken. The chicken toppings didn’t seem to overload the pizza and the flavours were subtle. In both pizzas, the crust was perfectly baked, suggesting a mastery of technique.

The space itself is a casual one, making it a great choice for a fun foodie date, a catch-up meal with friends or an indulgent family dinner. Whether you’re in the mood for classic pizzas or new types, NOMAD can be your answer!

Where: Plot No. 712, Bajaj Niwas, Ground Floor, Telephone Exchange, Linking Road, Khar West, Mumbai
When: 11:00 am to 12:00 am
Cost For Two: Rs 2500 with drinks to Rs 1500-2000 without drinks (approx.)


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