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By earmpy

30 thoughts on “Melanie Martinez – Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack) [Official Audio]”
  1. Credits: alessandra

    – I don't know how I got to hear it

    0:04 to 3:47 – there's a cat meowing the whole song.

    0:25 – we can hear melanie putting ice on her skin ❝ argh..oh! ❞

    0:37 – we can hear kelly receiving congratulations for something she doesn’t do and didn’t credit melanie

    0:51 – we can hear a girl whispering something.

    1:51 – again the girl whispering.

    2:39 – someone trying to imitate Tierra.

    2:40 – someone confused by Tierra's speech.

    2:42 – a meowing cat.

    3:14 – someone doing "ahh ~" has had this sound for a long time but it's only getting stronger now.

    3:20 – again a meowing cat.

    – I put a name on Copy Cat her name is Kelly, from the movie K-12 by melanie martinez

    – If there was a sound you heard and I didn't put it, tell me please

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