Mongo The Cat snarls, growls and hisses during her first face to face meeting with Zorro The Kitten 20170810.
Video: Raitis Freimanis MMXVII
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37 thoughts on “Mongo The Cat meets Zorro The Kitten 20170810”
  1. I used to have 2 cats like Mongo. They were sisters named Tiger & Midge. They both did a runner years ago. I now have 2 cats just like Zorro, both boys. The older 1 is Mikey & the younger is called Squeaker (you need to hear him meow to know why).

  2. I bet they’ll be great friends. My cat was like that when I brought a stray kitten in, they still fight but it’s only playing. Just love cats 🐈

  3. If you don't know how to introduce the cats in a separate room for a while stop bringing another cat home especially a kitten you should brought the same age as your cat that you got now why would you bring home a kitten and the kitten get hurt it'll be your fault your folks don't know how to treat those animals at all you don't need them.

  4. Bonus feature, some Dead playing in the background! haha Cats are so funny, and Torties are notorious for their "Tortitude" My female Tortie took to her big, fluffy brother quickly though, but she's the boss, no doubt. She weighs 10 lbs. and he weighs 19 but she takes him down, hard! lol

  5. I've always had cats. I've got 2 now. They always used to fight. They are now both around 15, still dislike eachother but get on fine

  6. Listen up cat experts…… those boys were in love after one minute of looks and hisses. Nobody was scared and a good start was had by all. Jeezus. Own multiple cats much?

  7. Poor kitten is more mature than the adult cat. What the hell can the little kitten do in this situation, the crazy old cat comes up and hisses and shows hostility…. if you don't like the little kitten then stay away, mean old cat, don't approach and then be aggressive!

  8. Nice video on how NOT TO introduce an older cat to a kitten. The older cat is hissing but even worse his tail looks very large. That's how tails look when a cat want to fight, add the hissing. When bringing a new kitten to the home of a much older cat the best thing to do is hold one and pet both, so the older cat knows that the kitten is not competition.

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