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Moved Out Of Home? Cant Cook? Herere 5 Desi Food Premixes To Your Rescue

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Staying alone is thrilling and comes with its own share of pros and cons. While setting up your own space is a satisfying process, doing the chores every single day can be off-putting. We believe the struggle of moving out of home and comfort zone is worth a try, but you can always find ways to make your job easier. Take cooking for instance. It is a time-consuming process, and if you are a novice, then things can be a bit intimidating as well. Right? Trust us, we totally get you! This is why, we curated a list of some delicious desi food premixes that you can always keep handy to make prepare home-style Indian food.

What Is So Special About The Desi Food Premixes? Why Will You Opt For Desi Food Premixes:

Today, you will find multiple brands offering these desi food premixes to make delicious Indian recipes at home. All you need to do is, mix that with water, or simply microwave the box and relish yummy meals like shahi paneer, matar paneer, khichdi, upma, and more. If you ask us, we aren’t a big fan of these store-bought premixes. And there are two major reasons for the same:
Reason 1. These boxes contain preservatives and additives to extend the shelf life of the food, which can often be bad for health.
Reason 2. The mix contains simple, toned-down flavours that often taste bland, especially for the ones who like their food spicy.
On the other hand, making these Indian food premixes at home helps you customise flavours as per your palate and avoid any kind of preservatives.
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Indian Food Premixes For Quick Meals | 5 Desi Food Premixes People Staying Alone Can Resort To:

1. Sattu Sherbet Premix:

Usually, mornings are super hectic. You need to plan the day, get ready for work, and do some basic household chores before stepping out of your house. In between, cooking breakfast can be intimidating. To avoid any such struggle, we got you a sattu sherbet premix recipe that can be a perfect meal to start your day with. The desi premix includes sattu powder, salt, sugar, and some spices – all you need to do is, mix two to three spoons of the mix in water and drink up! Sattu sherbet contains various essential nutrients that load you with energy and keep you full for a long time. Click here for the recipe.

2. Dosa Premix:

Be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a dosa or two always makes for a wholesome meal. We got you a dosa premix recipe that is available in powder form and can be carried anywhere you want. All you need to do is, mix the dosa premix with some yogurt, prepare a batter, and make yourself dosas and idlis anywhere you want. Click here for the recipe.

3. Green Chutney Premix:

Dosa doesn’t seem complete without some chutney. Fret not! As always we have got you covered. We found a green chutney premix that can be paired with dosa, khichdi, paratha, roti sabzi, and more. This green chutney premix includes coriander, mint, spices, and some chana dal for the powdery texture. All you need to do is, mix everything together and sun-dry. Whenever you feel like enjoying the chutney, just mix it with some hot water, prepare a paste, and indulge. Find the recipe here.

Chutneys for summer: Hari chutney often contains mint, which can provide your body with multiple benefits.

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4. Masala Tea Premix:

Today you will find different variations of tea, but what reigns supreme is a classic masala chai. Traditionally, you boil different spices in water, then brew tea leaves with milk and sugar (optional), and finally strain and drink. The process can be quite elaborate. Hence we got you a tea premix, which you can add to your black tea and enjoy. Click here for the recipe.

5. Shikanji Premix:

We have also got a drink option as well. If you have been missing the homestyle shikanji, then not anymore! This premix will instantly transcend you to the much-known flavours of the shikanji you have been enjoying at home. Just squeeze some lemon juice in a glass of water, add spices, mix, and drink up. Find the recipe here.
What are you waiting for? Prepare all these desi food premixes today and store them in air-tight containers whenever you need them.

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