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Oatmeal Diet For Weight Loss: All You Need To Know About This 7-Day Diet

Oats Diet for weight loss: Oats Idli

5. Oats and Chicken Porridge: A comforting and nutritious dish fit for any meal of the day, oats and chicken porridge is the perfect combination of taste and health.

Other Health Benefits of Eating Oatmeal: 

1. Protects Heart: According to Dr. Manoj Ahuja, “oats are brimming with antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, the dietary fibers in oats are known to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) without affecting the good cholesterol (HDL).” Additionally, oats comprise plant lignans, which are also known to protect against heart disease. Therefore, adding oatmeal to our daily diet may help reduce our cholesterol levels and keep our heart healthy. 

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Oats Benefits: Having oatmeal daily may prevent heart-related diseases. 

2. Regulates Bowel Movements: As we now know that oats are packed with fibre (both soluble and insoluble), having them daily may prevent constipation and eases bowel movements. Adding oats in your daily diet can keep the issue of constipation at bay. Make them as part of your breakfast meal.

3. Controls Diabetes: Oats are known to stabilise blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes. If you are a diabetic, you must include oats in daily diet. The high fibre content and complex carbs in oats help slow down the conversion of this whole food to simple sugars, and beta-glucan delays the fall in blood sugar levels before meals and slows the rise after a meal. 

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Oats Benefits: Consuming oatmeal regulaly may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

4. Prevents Hypertension: People with high blood pressure must consume oatmeal as a daily dose of this humble food may help combat this problem and in turn, lower risk of hypertension. You can follow oatmeal diet to keep your blood pressure level in control.

5. Protects Skin: Oats have been used as a soothing agent to relieve itch and irritation while also providing an array of benefits for the skin. According to The American Academy of Dermatology, “Oatmeal is able to normalise the skin’s pH. It also helps moisturise and soften the skin.” 

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