We did the OBSTACLE CHALLENGE with our puppies! We put a lot of things on the floor and made three rounds with the kitty and just one round with the dogs . How will the kitty and the dogs pass them and how many things will fall after they passed?

Kisses and until the next video!

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I love my animals more than everything! They are members of my family!

No animals were mistreated for making this video! I would never put my dogs and my kitten at risk!

All the pencils used in the video had their ends cut off before recording and did not represent a real danger to my dogs! Everything has been tested and done safely!


By earmpy

38 thoughts on “Obstacle Challenge CAT vs DOG”
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  2. Ah! Just heartwarming and funny at the same time. Love love love dogs. For some reason I found this refreshing! Thanks for posting.

  3. dogs are stupid and that is why stupid people take them for housekeeping – security. they bark all the time and break the nerves of the world. I hate them

  4. Honestly Akira did really good LOL. That’s a small area for a good sized dog and only a few were knocked over. The carefree cat vs the overwhelmed dog comparison is hilarious though.

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  6. I’m kind of puzzled why golden retrivers behave this way. They seem to have physical and mental development at the level of a puppy. People keep posting videos of them showing these behaviours and it’s strange. Is their limited capacity a result of cross/in-breeding? Because it’s just not natural to me

  7. i expected the dogs to not care. i expected the cat to intentionally knock over everything in its path just to be cool. to be fair, the dogs are bigger than the cats and cats are just built different, they do that sort of thing all the time because they are smaller. dogs aren’t used to pencil mazes

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