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Oxygen’s Sleeping With Death Trailer Is Nightmare-Inducing

Oxygen‘s latest series is anything but sweet dreams.

Sleeping With Death tells the stories of people who wake up to discover a friend or family member was murdered during the night without their knowledge, and E! News has your exclusive first look at the terrifying true tales to come.

“Those left alive grieve and struggle to come to terms with being unaware that acts of brutality took place under the same roof,” states the series’ description. “In addition, they must also confront the fact that they may be named as possible suspects.”

The eight-episode series kicks off with the premiere titled “Left for Dead,” which follows the murder of Johnia Berry in Knoxville, Tennessee. After she was fatally stabbed 22 times in her home, her roommate barely escaped with his own life after being stabbed as well.

“As law enforcement begins to investigate,” the episode’s description reads, “they can’t fathom how this young man evaded Johnia’s fate, and wonder if he may be involved.”

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