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Planning Movie Night This Weekend? Pair It With This Delicious Paneer Tikka Sub

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Are you hosting a movie night at home this weekend? Are your friends expecting some delicious snack to pair along? Wonder how we got to know that? It’s obvious! No weekend plan is ever complete without some indulgence, right? And if you are a pro at cooking, then the expectations increase by leaps and bounds. Fret not, this time we have got you covered. We found just the right dish to host your tribe this evening. It’s a delicious paneer tikka sub. It’s spicy, delicious, and most importantly, easy to eat, without making a mess. We bet you surely don’t want food spilling on your TV remote! If you like this meal idea, then put on your chef coat and get going.

Is Your Paneer Tikka Sub Wholesome And Fulfilling:

In one word, ‘Yes’! Paneer Tikka Sub is super healthy and keeps you full for a long period, making it a perfect meal to have on the go. And why not? It contains protein and fiber-rich paneer, a portion of greens, and a wholesome multi-grain bread for some carbs. Now, you might say, it has cheese as well which can be fattening! Fret not, a bit of indulgence doesn’t do any harm to your diet. All you need to do is, limit the consumption consciously. Remember, moderation is the key.
Now without further ado, let’s jump into the recipe, shared by Chef Guntas Sethi on her Instagram handle. “The best part of this recipe is that you can customise it the way you like and make different versions of it to surprise your tastebuds and keep the foodie in you happy while keeping it fuss-free!” she writes.
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How To Make Paneer Tikka Sub At Home:

Start with preparing a marinade for paneer tikka. Mix curd, mustard oil, red chilli powder, salt, garam masala, jeera, and kasoori methi in a bowl. Dunk paneer cubes, capsicum, and onion cubes in the mix and let it sit for at least an hour. Then grill them in a pan. We like assembling paneer and veggies on a stick while grilling.
All you need to do now is assemble the sandwich. Take a portion of multigrain bread, add cheese slices, and toast for a while. To it, add a layer of lettuce, paneer tikka, roasted vegetables, and dressing of your choice and indulge. Here, Chef Guntas added mint yogurt dressing and tandoori mayonnaise to her sub, but you are free to make your own choice.
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Watch the detailed recipe below:

Prepare and present it before your guests tonight and let us know their reaction to your homemade paneer tikka sub.

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