Dateline Philippines: Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte clarifies there are no confirmed Delta COVID-19 cases in the city. To prevent the spread of the more transmissible variant, Belmonte says, she passed ordinances including a ban on home quarantine, and strict usage of the city’s contact tracing app. Belmonte adds they are looking to procure their own genome sequencing machines.

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By earmpy

13 thoughts on “QC Gov't denies city has an active Delta variant case, to procure own genome sequencing machine |ANC”
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  2. Strangely, the IATF-EID, for all its powers of command over our lives, is not even a regular office of the government that can be found in the phone book. It is not a government agency, bureau or commission with appointed officers, staff and defined powers.

    It has no official personality or budget because it was not created by Congress and vested with the authority for rule-making or delegated legislation.

    The IATF-EID is a presidential task force, or ad hoc committee, that has been cobbled together from the cabinet, and was designated to take primary charge of framing the country’s response to the pandemic.On the strength of an executive order early in the public health emergency, the task force, manned mainly by former military generals and bureaucrats, and surprisingly lacking professionals with expertise or knowledge of epidemiology and public health, has proceeded to decree the imposition of a community quarantine on the country and health protocols to control citizen behavior.

  3. Wow i hope the source is not a super spreader event like the rally during the recent Sona who mayor Joy permitted, how competent mam 😏.

  4. Isolate the sick not the healthy
    The tests arent even accurate
    Most that test Positive asymptomatic are most probably
    Recovered cases already

  5. I am not from QC but you are a joy to behold. you are inspiring. We are very glad you are still young we like the way you serve sana all. thank you mayor joy.

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