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By earmpy

46 thoughts on “r/Memes | butter on the cat”
  1. 4:42 bro, how are they supposed to teach you how to buy stuff if they can’t give you stuff to buy with? just “hey, click here to buy stuff, you can’t do it right now you have nothing to spend but click here to buy stuff”

  2. Streamers when they don't have enough CoD points to buy a bundle they want:*breaks everything on their desk
    Me:don't worry I'll get more CoD points in the next battle pass

  3. Let's type a meme.
    Teacher: you failed the test
    Me: and you failed to educate me
    Teacher: are you talking back?
    Me: yes that's how conversion work
    Still laughing at it👌

  4. Doof just wanted some attention.
    He had a crap childhood, all he wanted was a friend and he got that on Perry.
    Don't know what happened to his wife and he didn't have much time with his daughter. Notice that, almost every time Perry shows up, he is alone in his house.
    With Perry, he had someone to pass time, talk and have fun, distracting him from all the crap from his day to day life.

    He never wanted to destroy anything but his loneliness.

  5. 3:38 God, I love that show. And the meme's true, they did just straight up fly 8 of the 14 cast members from season 5 into the sun. Plus they turned one into a mutant in season three, another into a mutant in season four, sent two into a volcano in season three (one of them being aformentioned mutant boy), and chucked all of them out of a plane in season three with only four of them not jumping and only one jumping with a parachute. Not to even mention that all 26 of them jumped off a 1000 foot high cliff in the second ever episode. I'm shocked that through all six seasons, only one person was taken out of the competition due to injury. There were a few people injured heavily immediately before being eliminated, specifically Cody in season 1 and Scott in season 4, but only one of those wasn't left to a vote, that being Cameron in season 5.

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