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Reddit poster suggests that Tom Brady is filming ‘The Masked Singer’

Two of Tom Brady’s former Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates in Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski once appeared on the FOX reality singing competition “The Masked Singer.” In fact, Brown became the first celebrity to ever be “unmasked” on the show when it premiered in January 2019, according to an article from Yahoo! News.

Could the 45-year-old be the next NFL star to make an appearance on the show?

The wild suggestion of course, comes as Brady is still away from the Buccaneers on his mysterious — yet previously scheduled — 10-day absence. While the quarterback is supposed to be returning to the team on Saturday following Tampa Bay’s preseason game against the Tennessee Titans, nobody seems to know what his plans are at this point.

In the Reddit post by CANN0NFIRE, the user wrote the following:

“Brady could have agreed to be on the show back when he was briefly retired and then still had ait as an obligation to be fulfilled upon rejoining the team. The leave of absence could have been a condition to him coming back. All of this is clearly speculation, but I started to really believe this was the reason for his leave of absence,” the post reads. “Right on the main page it shows that there is a filming session supposed to occur on August 20. That is the exact same date as the Bucs-Titans preseason game ? the one which Brady said he would definitely be out through.”

According to CANN0NFIRE’s post, other filming dates for the program were July 24-29, Aug. 2-9 and Aug. 12-20. “Well, dern,” the poster writes, “the Bucs started training camp on July 27 and Brady was in attendance until August 10, so doesn’t seem likely that he was filming for the Masked Singer.”

Some commenters on the post pointed out that the fact that “TB12” recently signed a massive contract to do analysis for FOX after his playing career is over. Fans of the show, and the NFL, will have to wait in anticipation.

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