One of the female cats we rescued from the abandoned house *VIDEO* – was actually pregnant and gave birth to 4 kittens, unfortunately one of them didn’t make it, but 3 survived… We’re so glad these kittens didn’t start life in that digusting house, they’re now in a great foster home 🙂

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By earmpy

26 thoughts on “Rescued Momma Cat Gives Birth to 4 Kittens”
  1. Aww poor baby momma just looks miserable and uncomfortable. I hope she felt better and was able to care for them. I like the videos but this one left me hanging! So many short videos with little to no updates…but I know you're a busy man! Keep up the good work!
    Edit time- I didn't realize that she was from the abandoned house. No wonder she's like that. PTSD.

  2. I love this so much!!! This reminds me of my cat. A female cat had shown up on my back porch with five kittens and my family and I had ended up taking care of them and find homes for them. Right after, the mother was pregnant again and gave birth to six more kittens. I still own one of the kittens to this day, and he has been my buddy since day one.

  3. Happy momma kitty! Safe, warm, protected, cared for, she has to know. And now she's a mother. Perfect music – your video music is always perfect – love that you use jazz too!

  4. Question for anyone who can answer
    At August i was at another city living in my brother's guests house or something, there was cats living there nobody currently owns them but people love them, my favorite is the black and white female mother cat, so i was sleeping in another room outside of it is the mothers and kittens place, I was woken up with terror as I heard cats screaming I told my dad about it we can't see anything, after that in the morning I checked the place, there's one dying kitten (i forgot how many was there) and here's the question who killed the kittens? The mother, father, a territorial cat or lizard (snake perhaps)

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