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Say Goodbye To Sticky Idlis: 4 Easy Tips To Remove Idlis From Idli Plates

Idli is undisputedly one of the first dishes that come to mind with the very mention of South Indian cuisine. It is simple, light, wholesome, and tastes delicious when paired with sambhar and different types of chutneys. Moreover, today you can even customize idli varieties and make them with vegetables, ragi flour, oats, and more. But making idli is not as simple as it seems. While you can easily prepare a batter, pour it into an idli plate, and steam it, many people often complain of the food sticking to the plate while removing it. Have you been facing the same issue every single time you make a batch of idlis at home? If yes, then dear reader, get hold of your notebook and take note of some easy tips you must always remember. These pro-tips have been shared by food vlogger Uma Raghuraman, who goes by the name ‘masterchefmom’ on Instagram. Read on.

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Here Are 4 Easy Tips To Remove Idlis From Idli Plates:

“We all enjoy hot idlis. But when you try to remove the idlis from the idli plate, some parts of the idli will stick to the plate,” Uma Raghuraman writes, explaining the hacks she follows while preparing the dish.

Tip 1: Grease the idli molds well:

The better you grease the molds, the lesser the risk of idli sticking to them. She suggests using some sesame oil for greasing, but you can also use butter and ghee, or place a banana leaf instead.

Tip 2: Always splash water before removing the idli:

Most of us try to remove idlis from the plates once they are done. That is where we go wrong! Once the idlis are done, splash some water behind the idli plates carefully. Make sure the water doesn’t reach the idlis.

Tip 3: Always use a spoon:

You will find people using knives, forks, and other sharp elements to remove the idlis. But Uma Raghuraman suggests using spoons instead. This helps you scoop out the idlis smoothly every single time.

Tip 4: Clean the plate:

The best practice is to clean the plate immediately to avoid any particles sticking to the cavity. This will increase the risk of ruining the idlis in the next batch.

Now that you know what to do, we suggest making some idlis at home and following these steps while removing them from the plates. Click here for some of our favourite idli recipes.

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