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Seven Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

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Popular influencers can establish a brand around the material they provide and become well-known in their industry, which may open up new employment prospects. However, your popularity on Instagram is based on your number of followers. It may take years for an influencer to become popular and build up enough followers to earn a salary, as attracting followers requires a lot of work and effort. Nevertheless, this is no longer something to be afraid of, thanks to the opportunity of buying Instagram followers.

Keynote: With much research and tests done, we can recommend Views4You.com as the best site to buy Instagram followers.

You’ll need a website with Instagram followers to promote your account and enhance your brand. Real people who create accounts for premium followers. Using these profiles, you can successfully advertise your content to others because they won’t trigger Instagram’s bot detection mechanism. This article aims to guide you with safe sites that sell the best quality followers and explain how to buy Instagram followers through the best sites.

What are the Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers?

According to Entrepreneur, the best sites to buy Instagram followers are Views4You and 1394TA, and the platforms mentioned below serve you to buy real Instagram followers to boost your Instagram growth. Please read through the article to learn more about websites.


Views4You is a well-known site for its incredible customer service support and one of the most preferred websites by Instagram influencers because the site offers high-quality Instagram services that sell genuine followers with instant delivery.


Views4You helps its customers with fast answers to your inquiries and hints on Instagram marketing to improve your social media success. Buying followers on the site is user-friendly and does not require a password or pages of information. It is easy and simple with just a few clicks.

It also provides affordable packages such as $11; you get 1,000 active followers on Instagram. They make special offers from time to time for their customers. Views4You have an option that sells followers to the target audience. For example, if your page is about travel, you can buy followers in that category, or fashion, again you can buy followers in that field to interact with other related Instagram users.

They do not sell fake followers even though they sell cheap Instagram followers. They promise quality and affordable services. It is a great satisfaction to know you buy active Instagram followers with just your Instagram username. You get new followers and buy Instagram followers cheap that are not bot followers. Isn’t this a big relief? You get all at once safely.

Because Instagram is highly designed to detect any unknown activities, such as fake Instagram followers, it is crucial to buy Instagram followers that are quality followers from trustworthy sites like ‘Views4You’.

2 1394TA

If you decide to buy followers, research and only buy from a reputable vendor. If you want to purchase real, premium Instagram followers, 1394TA is perfect.

1394TA offers cheap Instagram followers with high-quality followers. You can expect a high-quality delivery to your Instagram profile.

Instagram users place a high value on their follower count, called ‘social proof’, so 1394TA is available to support them. You can be assured that 1394TA’s followers are authentic Instagram followers. It is a 100 per cent trustworthy website.

Visit Entrepreneur to find the most trusted sites to buy Instagram likes and followers. 1394TA assures a strong presence on your Instagram profile. They have excellent reviews from buyers, and their potential reach has increased after purchasing Instagram followers on 1394TA.


1394TA provides high-quality services like active customer support, active Instagram followers, buy cheap Instagram followers, real Instagram followers, a 24/7 customer team, and a secure payment method.

With the help of 1394TA’s ‘Buy Instagram Followers’ packages, take advantage of the chance to strengthen your online profile.

3 SMM Laboratory

This site has experience in this field and provides quality and affordable prices, reliability with the most secure speed, 24-hour customer support, and real Instagram followers. They have a variety of packages ranging from 10 to 1,000,000 followers, so you can select how many followers you want to purchase.

You can also choose categories such as real, organic, female, or so. They have information on each category so you know what you are buying. This site gives you comfort that you don’t buy fake Instagram followers.



Boostmeup is a good social media boosting tool that helps users in growing their social media profile presence. It is a safe and private site where you will not need to enter any identical information so no information will be shared with third parties. You only need to share your Instagram page URL.


Your payments will be processed securely, and you will have 24/7 customer support where you can have the opportunity to chat on the website. Again, it is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers to increase your followers count and Instagram presence like other influencers do on their Instagram stories for their Instagram growth.

5 BuyTopLikes

They provide genuine IG followers in practical, pre-selected packages and on demand. They make sure that the customers are happy with the service they provide. The site has suitable and reasonable packages on their website for you to choose from; however, if any of them are not suitable for your needs, you can create your own custom plan to buy IG followers.


6 Likes and More

With Likes and More, you can choose to buy real new Instagram followers. The site has an option to select followers from the same region as you are or International. Also, in the shopping cart, you can make a special request under ‘Add Note’ section.


This site only adds Instagram followers if your profile is public, and you get your purchased followers gradually at a natural speed. However, they have a daily Instagram followers option as well. The Instagram account cannot be split between multiple accounts as only one IG account can make an order at a time.

7 The Buzz Company


All social media influencers are encouraged by The Buzz Agency to develop their brands and increase their online visibility. They can get you what you need, whether you manage many accounts or want to develop your own personal account.


There you have some answers to the questions you may have.

How to buy Instagram followers?

The main idea of buying Instagram followers is to grow your visibility by boosting with followers. The more followers you have, the more success and popularity of your Instagram presence.

You must be careful, though, as many scam websites provide followers that are not real Instagram followers. Along with being a waste of money, buying from these businesses may reflect poorly on your account to other users and could result in the suspension of your profile for breaking Instagram’s terms of service. You don’t want to participate accidentally because the site is strict about banning fake accounts and spam.

The best way to buy Instagram followers is through the above-mentioned websites selling followers such as Views4You or 1394TA. The prices are highly reasonable, and you can purchase it with only a few clicks.

Is it a good idea to buy Instagram followers?

The advantages of buying Instagram followers are:

It may increase your reach and your visibility on Instagram

Due to many platform users, starting your page is the best way to reach out to more followers before growing your followers organically.

It is fast and driven

Instead of putting a lot of effort and waiting to gain organic followers, which may take years, buying Instagram followers can quickly make your profile reachable by tens of thousands of real followers.

From beginners to pros

It is the perfect way to start your business if you are a newly arrived influencer on Instagram. You can take advantage of your brand’s new account to be recognized quickly until you have real Instagram followers and start making money.

Buying followers can help boost your brand fast and grow your Instagram visibility. You may think that it is not an organic way to grow, but most people are eager to follow popular influencers with the number of their followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Can I make money on Instagram by buying followers?

Boosting organic followers can make you earn a salary, including Instagram likes or follows. The more you reach a high follower count, the more sponsorship and advertising offers you will get, and then you will start making money. That is why it is crucial to have followers.

Influencer marketing has become a significant part of social media platforms, including Instagram. Sponsors pay you to promote their goods or products. However, influencers must prove to be real accounts with real followers to target audiences.

However, purchasing followers is more comparable to running an Instagram advertisement. Only the highest-ranking profiles and Instagram posts get promoted because of the platform’s top-heavy algorithm. The Instagram algorithm depends on engagement, which refers to any activity a user performs on the site, such as following an account, liking a post, or viewing a story. The algorithm favors the most popular accounts since they produce a high level of engagement.

The services described above also provide those other sorts of engagement, so you shouldn’t have any trouble combining their engagement packages to wow advertisers and begin earning money as an influencer. This is good news if you want to purchase Instagram likes, comments, and views. Considering how inexpensive these services are, there is no justification for not investing a small amount of money to make a large sum.

Why trust the above-listed platforms?

Because they all know pretty well about Instagram algorithms and can guarantee with real Instagram followers to grow your presence.

Is it illegal to purchase Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers and other social media platforms is legal as no community regulations are published.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Buying genuine followers are safe. However, according to Instagram’s rules, buying fake followers will terminate or deactivate your account, and you may lose a genuine relationship with your real followers, damage a reputation, causing investment loss and engagement problems.

Would my followers on Instagram decline over time?

You don’t lose followers overtime incase you do refill it on the websites that provide you regular refill options such as Views4You. If any problems occur for instance a decline in the number of your followers, Views4You automatically refills your followers on Instagram with a real account for free. However, if you want to buy more Instagram followers you can choose to do so on the site.

How long does it take to boost your followers?

It does not take long. However, your follower count will increase according to the package you choose.

Is there a recommended number of followers?

It is totally up to you. You can buy as many Instagram followers as you want.

Do I get likes and comments as well?

You will have no interactions of liking or commenting directly. However, as soon as you receive a number of followers, you are likely to receive likes and comments accordingly.

How does buying Instagram followers work?

To purchase Instagram follower, it is advised to choose a reputable website like Views4You or 1394TA that sells genuine followers with active accounts. Check the website’s ratings and reviews from customers before making a purchase. It’s crucial to make sure the service you’re buying complies with the greatest auto-refill service that keeps an eye on your Instagram account.

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