It’s the standing cat song! Everybody sing along!

standing cat you’ve got a lot of nerve
to defy the law of gravity
the punishment is fame on the internet
which is to say a step up from obscurity
you join the ranks of many famous cats
some well known and others nameless pawns
garfield and keyboard and maru jumps in boxes
you’re big today but can you make it last

standing cat don’t eat my rat
he is my friend and i’m quite fond
will you play GTA next or are you content
to stand there staring into the beyond



By earmpy

47 thoughts on “Song A Day #468: Standing Cat Song”
  1. I love this so much I remember my mom showing me this when I was 5 years old and now I’m 11 about to turn 12 on December 30 I hope everyone gets through 2020 it’s been a big time of 2020. And merry Christmas 🎁🎄

  2. feel bad for the standing cat. cat's love to look outside the windows. obviously, this cat can only look outside standing up. Get him one of those Cat Window Perch!!!!

  3. Standing troll…… dont type to me. I think its kind of weird how u are a troll……..oh standing troll please sit on me.. oh standing troll dont sit on me….

    Join the race of many trolls 😀 like big troll little troll and the other troll..

  4. @IsraGunner Except this video is from Animal Planet and that video states this cat lives in southern France and he's looking at a bird outside of the window. Doesn't sound like he's standing for Remembrance Day.

  5. @therockcookiebottom No sherlock, I didn't read the comments. Yeah I really have nothing else to do. Unfortunately for you, the "owner" who wrote on here claiming to enjoy your song probably isn't the owner. This video was out more than a year ago, and the original video had the description of it being in Israel, during the moment of silence, and the audio in it was an actual audio recording from the camera itself, not some music put over it.

    Perhaps there is some confusion.

  6. @IsraGunner dude, tell me… who has a grand theft auto poster in their apartment??? seriously? geezus… take a chill pill israGunner <– (probably a douche bag with a name like that). it wasn't meant as 'serious' and he's from france so suck it.

  7. As the owner of the so famous Standing Cat, we (and that include the Standing Cat itself) love your song 😉

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