Nine years ago, this stray, three-legged cat walked into a man’s kitchen asking to be loved. He was afraid of people by nature but bonded with the man. When the man passed away, Bubby disappeared and no one ever saw him again. Until…

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By earmpy

48 thoughts on “Stray, Three-Legged Cat Who Spent 9 Winters Outside Has His Own Fireplace Now | The Dodo Cat Crazy”
  1. Reminds me of my orange 3 legged cat Lefty. We tried for years to get him to come inside and stay but he was an outside cat who was already full grown into this lifestyle. After lots of patience and persistence we finally managed to get him to stay. Had him about 5 years now and the longest he stays outside is about 10 mintues before he's scratching to get back in lol

  2. I hope my boo boo (Mya) lives for another 20 years, got her as a kitten free from a family member whose cat got pregnant, she's the best thing to happen to me, we're going through the kitten phase now at the moment

  3. This story of Bubby is just magical. Thank you to both people who gave him a loving home. I just cannot stand even the thought that a cat is suffering. They deserve the best. Bobby is simply endearing.

  4. That cat had the MOST legitimately SAD looking eyes and facial expression…I thought for sure that thumbnail had been edited. I'm SO glad all the humans involved in this story helped him is whatever way (small or large) that they did.

  5. Those old man eyes tell a story all their own. Glad to see he gets to spend his renaming days in retirement with a loving soul. Great rescue 👏 👍

  6. What kind of cat is this? Is it just the photos or is head really big? BEAUTIFUL and PRAISE GOD for you and what you did for that precious animal!

  7. Okay, who the F would dislike any of these touching stories and why?! Show your faces, I'm going to kick all your soulless asses. You have no feelings. All of you dislikers, special corner in hell reserved for you.

  8. How the heck did a 3 legged cat survive outside, w/ a winter climate no less, for all that time? It's baffling. My housecats got frostbitten ears because I put them outside in too cold a snap in Canada. How did he hunt w/ 3 legs. he wouldn't even take food offered to him outside, when the first man he was attached to died. What a strange cat story.

  9. 💗Bubby is still on my mind😭and forever in my heart. 💙His life story has pierced through my soul. 💔How tiny he was… so frail..💔living right in the harsh elements…😵😩with three legs,no less ya' know? 😳I couldn't have survived all those yrs!🙀😿Oh Hell No.🙀This precious little Angel was Simply Amazing, Brave! Strong!!💜Nobody should have to live outside like that!. He chose outdoors bcus its what he was most familiar with… I'm so glad that he felt Loved at some point.💙True Honest Love from people that cherished him.💚🧡I will continue to pray for Bubby,🙏send love/peace to surround him in spirit.He mattered to me. 😘❤️💋

  10. I love this cat by just seeing buddy on ur video. A red tabby that was so precious adorable a real beauty. I am so grateful t that woman for loving buddy forever. Buddy I would have loved u t until the rest of ur cat life. Sweetheart and precious buddy

  11. We really did my puffy, white, gentle cats wrong when my family broke up. My father is a cold, distant man and thinks it unmanly to love cats. But they had to go live with him because my mother's new husband hated cats (ugh… these old men and their cat hating). They were completely declawed and my dad kept letting the indoor cats outside for long stretches, until they just didn't return.
    i hope someone found them and took them in.

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