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The ‘1,000 or more receiving yards in 2021’ quiz

New Raiders receiver Davante Adams is in camp and working on rekindling his chemistry with college teammate Derek Carr, but he is also forming a bond with Carr’s favorite target from the last few seasons, Hunter Renfrow. After a recent practice, Adams had this to say about his new teammate, “So his awareness and his football smarts is — he’s definitely ahead of his time. It’s actually fun. Sometimes I’ll be sitting there just talking to him in the middle of an offensive meeting [and] we’ll be talking about releases and he’ll tell me what he thought. And I’m like, ‘This is fun, this is fun being able to be with somebody who’s a lot like me mentally,’ you know, the way that I approach the game, the way I attack it, always trying to find little small nuances. It’s been great; I’ve been learning from him, he’s learning from me.”

Which brings us to today’s quiz of the day. If all goes well in Las Vegas in 2022, Adams and Renfrow will end up as one of the more dynamic pass-catching duos in all of the NFL. During the 2021 NFL season, 26 players had 1,000 or more receiving yards during the regular season, including both Adams and Renfrow. So with that in mind, how many of the 26 can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!

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