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By earmpy

38 thoughts on “The Barstool Yak with Big Cat & Co || Wednesday, June 9th, 2021”
  1. Brandon fit shames, yet didn’t do an actual push-up. Maybe Frank was right with how his trainer is a sham if he accepts those in his workouts

  2. Big Cat should feel bad, you keep turning down the potentially most dedicated barstool employee ever, Have you not seen Game of Thrones? Have you not heard the instructions of the faceless man given to Aria? "A man will wait outside the door as long as it takes", she sat there for a week even after being told to leave multiple times. Your passing on the best employee you may ever see, someone like that would take a bullet for you, and here you are choosing these low lifes who won't even get you shoe if you dropped it on the subway tracks

  3. How many times is Brandon gonna flex his bicep or calves and look at himself on camera. Guy goes to the gym for a month and can’t stop flexing

  4. I love how these yak “camera men” never and I mean never catch anything. Get a new job for our sake

  5. HOW THE FUCK is Owen wearing Sean Wotherspoon 97/1's? that shit cost 1600 bucks DS….there is no way he is big dogging it like no one would notice

  6. can't believe I was kicked out of Barstool HQ for having too much heart and hustle. The Yak will rue the day they made enemies with me…

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