New Legend and Uber Rare units seem cool.
New cat combos
all cats are in evolved form.
Driller Cat + Li’l Lizard Cat = Weaken up Sm
Piledriver Cat + Li’l M. Titan Cat = Knockback up Sm
Cutter Cat + Li’l Brave Cat = Attack up Sm
Backhoe Cat + Li’l Whale Cat = Critical rate up Sm
Miter Saw Cat + Li’l Sexy Legs Cat = Resistant up Sm

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By earmpy

31 thoughts on “The Battle Cats JP – 10.6 Update – Godzilla Collab – Source: r/battlecats”
  1. Godzilla BGM and New Unit Animation:

    Additional Info
    1. Empress Cat banner has all the Legend Rare units, some Uber Rare units, all regular Super Rare and Rare units.
    2. When we do gacha 11 roll for some banners (not sure which ones), we can get 1 platinum fragment.
    3. Three Advent continuation stages give 3 Legend Rare Cateyes. In total, 9 Legend Rare Cateyes.
    Clionel -> Hannya
    Queen B -> Daboo
    Wahwah(normal/uber/lr only restriction) -> Bakoo

    4. We can get 1 Platinum fragment from Monthly Baron stages. There are 2 Baron Stages each month. That means we are able to get 2 Platinum fragments per month and exchange for a Platinum ticket after 5 months.

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