Welcome to the Corona Virus Chronicles… Tim is now self-isolating, and presenting his videos directly from his apartment, via a web link.

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The ACROCAT or acrobatic cat has a very clever mechanism. At the end of the handle is a circular bouncy trampoline and below it there is a magnetic disc. When you squeeze the handle, the magnetic disc is lowered, away from the trampoline. The cat is attracted to the metal disc, so you sit the cat on the trampoline, and as you squeeze the handle, and the magnetic disc is lowered, the cat moves down and the trampoline starts to stretch. Eventually as the trampoline is stretched more and more, there comes a point when the magnetic force cannot hold it any more, and the cat leaps up into the air. The trick is then to let go of the handle, to bring the magnetic disc up into contact with the trampoline again, and catch the cat as it falls.

Next, an interesting paper box which is also an interesting bit of origami. When you fold the box flat it looks like two envelopes, joined at an angle. And it is quite surprising when they open up into a rectangular box. Nothing like a good fold!

Finally, Tim shows a Snow Globe Christmas card, which he sent out as his Christmas card some years ago, and which he thinks was one of his favourite cards of all time; he then demonstrates what looks like a more conventional card, but which turns out to have a Snow Globe inside. This card features New York. When you open the main card, the Snow Globe appears, and you can then lift the Snow Globe out of the main card, so it becomes completely separate. Very neat, and a great card too!


By earmpy

34 thoughts on “The Cat On The Trampoline”
  1. As happy as I am the studio shoots are on the horizon, I will certainly miss the daily uploads. Kudos to Tim and the gang for keeping us company throughout the pandemic

  2. I think maybe you need to warm up before you play the acrocat in order to make the cat do the acrobatic flip jump successfully.

  3. This is one of the few YouTube channels I let my children watch. We enjoy you here in the Appalachian Mountains in the U.S.A. Your demeanor and proper vernacular has rubbed off on my children. After planting our garden this year my youngest child called out to me " Daddy, look ! A corn sprout ! Isn't that extraordinary ? That is quite lovely. Marvellous! " I am a dyed in the wool mountaineer, so I cannot take credit for this string of words that came out of my youngster. You sir are not only a great source of joy to my children, but a great teacher on positive expression and manerism. Thank you sir! God bless you and what you do.

  4. Please show us your fox related items, every day I see the cute fox in the introduction and I have become crushingly curious what fox merchandise you might have.

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