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The coronavirus Delta variant, first identified in India in October 2020, is spreading quickly around the globe, becoming the dominant virus strain. The World Health Organization said on June 25, 2021, that Delta has become the most transmissible Covid-19 virus variant discovered so far. As of June 25, the Delta strain had spread to at least 85 countries. Studies show that the AstraZeneca and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines remain broadly effective against the new strain, but that the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine Sinovac Biotech appears less effective. But health experts say more scientific research of vaccine efficacy against the Delta variant is needed as the new variant poses a grave danger to unvaccinated people, particularly in poorer nations with lower vaccination rates.

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By earmpy

26 thoughts on “The global spread of the highly contagious Delta variant of Covid-19”
  1. When we bring animals or plants from outside into an area, they need to be quarantined, humans who also have the potential to spread disease must also be quarantined before they are free to roam


  3. In my country we're going the right way and we think that there is a small change that we won't get the delta variant into our country but never say never

  4. As an indonesian citizen, i feel bored in the house but there's something called PPKM that was just announced couple days ago. PPKM is a major lockdown on several cities/province. It is boring to be at home everyday.

  5. Why the most populated country in the world is not effected by delta or any new strains, that country is not in the list of countries shown

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