In May 2021, I did a collab with a cat. And then people from all over the world joined in! 🌎 🎶

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Credits (in order of appearance):

Violin – Amanda Barbalho (Brazil)
Ukelele – Kryštov Hron (Czech Republic)
Flute – Aksinia Khomenko (Russia)
Vocals – Rachel Solomon (USA)
Low Whistle – Helena Androsova / @Eileen (Ukraine)
Guitar & Drums – Benjamin Gögele (Germany)

Video Credits (in order of appearance):

Alugalug Cat X The Kiffness:
Alugalug Cat X Kiffness X Violin:
Alugalug Cat X Kiffness X Violin X Ukelele:
Alugalug Cat X Kiffness X Flute:
Rachel Solomon Instagram Reel:
Alugalug Cat X The Kiffness X Benjamin Rocks:

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By earmpy

40 thoughts on “The Kiffness – Alugalug Cat (International Symphonic Mashup)”
  1. Dude, with all this bad things ocurring arround the globe, you and those beautiful people bring a lot of smiles around me today. Thank you.

  2. Это видео лишнее напоминание о том, как идиллически дополняют друг друга Россия и Украина когда вместе.

  3. Pure Harmony. This is what the world needs right now. May the growth of the collaborations forever grow . . .

  4. This cat has made world, maybe even Galactical peace and harmony that not even the kindest and most brilliant of minds could accomplish. It brings tears to my eyes.

  5. Omg I cannot believe how this took on a life of its own! I had the alugalug cat by the kiffness as my ringtone for a good month + when it was first out. I think I’m gonna have to change it to this one! Thnx kiffness for making the internet a cooler place to be! I love all the world-wide talent!!!! My heart is a happy camper right now!

  6. It's amazing how us as human beings from around the world can come together in beautiful harmony. We desperately need this especially in these times of deep divisions caused by our politicians and leaders around the globe.

  7. I am waiting for a Nightcore Remix to this. I think that even Cricket chirp would turn into music by this creator.

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