In this video, we will talk about 14 strange things cats do and explain the meaning behind them.

Begging for food but not eating it
Your cat may beg for food, give it some sniffs and walk away. This can indicate your cat’s desire for attention and love. Recent studies from University of Vienna have shown that cats associate food with affection. To cats, feeding them means loving them. So if your cat needs some attention or love, they just ask for some snacks.
Why cats sudden jump around
Does your cat suddenly run around the house and then suddenly stop?
This behavior is often due to pent-up energy that suddenly overflows.
Cats are natural predators, and domestic cats retain this instinct to a certain extent. At times, they will feel the desire to hunt and practice their natural instincts.
Why cats lick you
Cats may lick you because they may want to show you affection and love. They may even want to groom you.
But when a cat licks you or themselves excessively, it is often a sign of stress or anxiety.
In cats, licking is also a way of marking territory. Your cat wants the other cats or animals to know that this is her area.
Why cats bury their poop
You may associate a cat’s burying feces behavior to cleanness, but the reasons are more complex than that.
In the wild, cats cover their feces to eliminate odors and prevent attracting the attention of predators.
Just as covering their poop, cats may bury any uneaten food to hide their trail and prevent attracting the attention of predators or potential preys.
Why cats roll over when they see you
If your cat lays on their back and exposes their belly, it’s their way of saying hello to you.
A cat’s stomach is a very sensitive part of their body as this region protects the most vital organs. So if your cat is laying on their back next to you with their belly exposed, it is a sign that your cat trusts you and feels safe around you.
Why cats scratch
Cats scratch to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, or to burn off some energy or stretch their bodies.
cats also scratch to mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and scent mark.
Why cats ignore you
Cats are very independent creatures. They don’t like to be smothered with affection and they need some personal space or quiet time every now and then.
Arched back
While some people think an arched back indicates aggression, it doesn’t.
A cat who displays this posture is usually frightened or threatened. By arching their back and puffing up, your cat is trying to appear bigger and more threatening to their opponent.
Why cats bite you
Cats may bite to stop unwanted action or behaviors.
Cats also bite to show affection. But only with gentle and more controlled nibbles.
Of course, a cat’s bite can also indicate aggression, but rest assured that you’ll know when your cat bites you out of aggression versus when it gives you a love nibble.
Cat’s biting is also a form of communication to ask for something. If a cat nips you and then tries to lead you to an activity, this could be the reason.
Why your cat sleep on top of you
Cats like temperatures of 20 degrees higher than human’s ideal temperature. So when the ambient temperature is colder than this, your cat is going to look for a nice warm area to maintain their temperature. And your body is good source of heat.
Sleeping on top of a trusted human gives a cat a sense of security, as well as comfort to sleep peacefully.
Cats also sleep on you to show you affection and love!
Why cats’ pupils dilate
By dilating their pupils, cats allow even tiny amounts of light into their eyes so they can see better in the dark. During the day, cats contract their pupils.
Cats also use their eyes as part of a complex body language to communicate their mood and health. If you cat has dilated pupils, your cat could be stressed, anxious, excited or in fear.
Why cats stare at us
If your cat meows while looking at you in the eye, they may just be letting you know they’re hungry.
Cats also stare to show affection. Especially when a cat looks at you with half closed eyelids and slowly blinking.
If they feel scared, stressed out, anxious, cold, depressed, cold, or in pain, they may stare at to seek your support.
Why cats vomit
Cats vomit for a lot of reasons. The main causes range from incorrect diet or eating something inedible (like string), to allergies, infections, urinary tract disease, diabetes or even a sudden change in a cat’s diet
Another reason for a cat’s vomit is hairball.
To avoid the formation of the hairballs, you can brush your cat once a day and add more fiber to their diet.
Some people think it’s ok for a cat to vomit once a week, but it’s not.
Why Some Cats Hate Belly Rubs
Some cats don’t like belly rubs because their stomach area is the most sensitive part of their body. Their soft underbelly protects their most vital organs.


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  1. There's a stray cat which i feed daily whenever she comes down my apartment/society. For the first time in the day when she meets me she is very lovingly and pushes her head on my body and let me pet her but suddenly just after 5 mins she just be like who are you and stares me for no reason . Also where ever i go she follows me but doesn't come for attention petting ..
    Can anyone explain my error or anything pls

  2. I just got a kitten and she was patting and getting on my shoulder but it hurt bc she had her claws out and I was so confused I thought she was ganna poop 😭

  3. My cat bites me gently, it's not even a bite it's just like a touch and when she does that I fake a scream and she stares at me and stops mayb thinking it's hurting me😂😂

  4. cnn cats bury their foods,when they start to get stale,or they do not like it
    cats bury their poops,cos they want the place clean and hope to get a clean place to defecate next time round and not to step on it.when next come to poop

  5. My half-Persian cat will come near, lie down, turn around exposing his belly … and DEMANDS us to rub his belly. Then he will enter some kind of trance … and fall asleep. While his humans are rubbing his belly.

  6. I have 3 cats, and they all love belly rubs. 😅🤗 They always purr, and you can see that they're enjoying belly rubs. And why isnt anything on tail of cats? 🤔 Their tail says a lot.

  7. My rolls down the stairs and shows me her belly. She so flipping funny and try’s to get my daughter and I to laugh at her..
    Tonight she has been very affectionate and has been sleeping on my belly tonight she must feel my emotions.

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