Shorty the cat lives to dance. The thrill of it has consumed her so that she makes time for little else. But when she stopped, we were there to capture the rare moment on film. Watch the trailer for the short doc on Shorty Cat that profiles her desire to dance and what happens when she can pursue her desire no longer.


By earmpy

24 thoughts on “The most incredible cat moment caught on video!”
  1. It's so sad that she lost Best Crab Walk performance. And her "edge-drop" 0:26 is purrfection. Good call by the judges on her win in the other cat-egories! Her cat-lizard moves are also quite famous. 😻

  2. Fast forward to 2021…she’s still crazy. Trying to jump out the top of a box…while there is a hole on the side she could easily walk through, as she always does. Hissing at her cat friend, for reasons unknown…and then laying right next to him for a nap seconds later. Yes, Shorty reminds me of my elderly girl. She could never make her mind up from one moment to the next lol. God blessed her and Shorty🥰 the things they do don’t often make sense, but they’re loving life regardless 💕

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