An overanalysis of Ariana Grande, Cat Valentine, and everyone caught in the blast.


Edited by CJ The X & Ben From Canada


By earmpy

40 thoughts on “The Neurosis of Cat Valentine – Video Essay”
  1. One solitary extraneous note: several times in this video I sarcastically refer to Cat’s difficulty in participating in standard social convention as “inhuman”, when in reality I think the naivety and earnestness of the character are extremely human, and speak to the confusion and baselessness we all feel on some level. We’re all trying to behave like those around us, navigating pleasure and pain to varying degrees of sophistication, and often just barely managing to express ourselves, all the while hoping desperately that we are Human-ing correctly.

    Everything I said about Cat’s character are distillations of things that are universal to us, and the directness of her behaviour is only striking because we spend so much effort disguising and dressing up our basest humanity. Cat reads as “inhuman” precisely because she is so authentically human.

    I feel the need to put this in writing due to the subtext of neuro-divergency that revealed itself to me in the late stages of this video’s completion.

    Also on that note, her "stupidity” doesn’t factor into a neuro-divergent reading of the character. Only her relationships with stimulus, self expression and social convention. Stupidity is a symptom of watching Ben Shapiro videos, not neuro-divergency.

    I personally was just more relating to the character on a dissociative and addictive level.

    Anyways that’s me talking on behalf of my loved ones on the spectrum. If you’re autistic, I love you. If you’re not, go fuck yourself. Fuck yourself right to hell.

    ps. don’t get in the habit of expecting social equity disclaimers from me i do what i want

  2. cat is the simulacrum of a neurodivergent person. like surprisingly close to the real thing despite how misinformed and mean-spirited the writers were lol.

  3. Why was this in my recommended section whilst watching a video about the Cold War in the Middle East
    I mean I’m glad that it was but I’m still very confused

  4. The more I watch this, the more realize that Cat might possibly be autistic. As a neurodivergent Arianator, this made me smile.

    Wait, am I supposed to smile?

  5. I just finished watching this whole thing. BRAVO. The entire video was an excellent dissection of her character and all that was included with it. I'm obsessed with your brain and the detail you so beautifully strung together in this essay

  6. I loved Cat at the beginning of the show 🙁 it always felt so creepy and weird and exploitative to me when they made her they way they did

  7. Having never seen Sam & Cat, both characters and actresses have somehow always meant a lot to me. Thanks for telling me why. I feel better but temporarily very sad

  8. i don't even know why i'm watching this. I never watched Victorious growing up. I didn't even know Ariana Grande befose she became internationaly popular and even then i don't listen to her songs

  9. Look I'm 30 so I had no clue what show you were talking about but did kinda know Ariana Grande & you kept calling this Cat chick her & I HONESTLY thought it was a joke because they both sound the same!

    Like wow she looks completely diff now. Combo of puberty, makeup, & quite a bit of plastic surgery (nose job, lip filler, & brow lift 4 sure, & maybe contoring around chin & jaw too).

    Makes me wonder how beautiful I could be now with that much $ as I was at LEAST as cute as her as a teen. Should've pursued my dreams to play a high schooler on tv/movies from 14-26, as I was short, thin (size 0 till I was 29) & basically didn't change, only started getting very light wrinkles at 27. Like I got kicked out of the mall at 28 cause I didn't have ID. You only have to be 16!! 🤦‍♀️

  10. Holy hell, James of Mr Sunday fame recommended me this video and it could quite possibly be the best one ever created on this platform.

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