Buddy, an adopted stray cat has trouble shedding its aggressive side. Can Jackson help its guardians make the biggest decision they’ve ever had to make?

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By earmpy

24 thoughts on “This Cat's Life Is In Jackson's Hands | My Cat From Hell”
  1. So often my cat from hell is really my owner from hell. What a heartwarming episode to see two people willing to give up so much to take care of a sick, scared cat

  2. I'd be terrified of having to pay that kind of money being so close to poverty, myself. I really wouldn't know what to do if my cat ever received that kind of diagnosis…

  3. Aww Jackson has so much feeling. He almost cried too when the owner said her feral cat had cancer. Special person indeed.

  4. We’ve taken in a feral cat , it’s been about four years now. We can’t pet him but he moves around the house comfortably. He comes when my wife calls him to eat. He lays with in two feet of me and stares at me. I feel so bad for him I try talking to him and putting out my hand but he runs away. He’s a very polite cat and I know he wants affection but he’s afraid. I’ve tried holding chicken in my hand and offering but he won’t accept it and runs away .He doesn’t get violent he just runs away.

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