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This Single Egg Can Feed A Family Of 5-6 Members. Confused? Read On

Eggs are a foodie’s delight. They are quick, versatile, and easy to make. Whether preparing an elaborate breakfast with an omelette, pancakes for brunch or anda curry for lunch, eggs have surely proved to be our BFF on those lazy days. But how would you react if we told you that there exists an egg that, after boiling, can feed your entire family? Yes, you read that right. We are talking about emu eggs. A clip has gone viral on the internet, wherein an X user was seen preparing an emu egg. What has got the internet’s attention is the amusing fact in the caption that this egg is “equivalent to 12 chicken eggs.” A user shared the clip with the caption, “Ever eaten an emu egg? It’s equivalent to 12 chicken eggs! Check out the yolk! My sister gave me this emu egg. First time trying it.”

The video opens with a massive egg with a gorgeous dark teal-green shell. In the clip, the user is seen cracking it open but with multiple taps. Due to the thin shell, chicken eggs can be opened with just one tap. The emu egg, on the other hand, has a hard coating, which is why the user was seen tapping it in a circular motion multiple times.
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While its exterior looked like a giant avocado, once the emu egg was cracked, it was poured into a bowl with a huge yolk. Next, the user was seen pouring that egg into a heated pan with oil. The clip ends before we can get a glance at the fried emu egg served on the plate.

The video was quick to prompt reactions from the Internet. People were shocked to witness a massive egg, that too, green in colour. Many wondered if emu egg tastes similar to chicken egg. One person commented, “Do they taste like eggs from a chicken?”

A few complimented the stunning colour of the egg. “Love the colour of the shell.”

Another said, “What a pretty colour. Teal green? And the thickness of that shell!”

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