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“I understand..” The cat Happy cheekly walks into his favorite lady house and acts like he lives there, but has be to kicked out because of the dog in the house who doesn’t fancy him at all.. Then, the informant lady received a call from someone who claims to be the cat’s owner

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By earmpy

28 thoughts on “"Though You Kick Me Out, I Don't Hate You" Cat Comforts A Crying Lady | Animal in Crisis EP249”
  1. конечно, привели в дом чужого наглого кота, который больно цапает собаку. о чем думали вообще. зачем проверять доверие собаки, да надо было сразу сдать его в клинику, пофиг что этот кот думает что видите ли живет в этой квартире. мало ли чо он думает, вы о собаке своей подумайте, экспериментаторы мля.

  2. I'm glad Nabi's owners found him. I feel sorry for the informant. I believe Nabi had grown on her and she loved him, even tho he kept attacking her dog.

  3. Pobrecito, las elijo como sus dueñas, solo necesita educarse para que conviva con el perrito,con paci ncia y amor !que injusto dejarlo afuera! Ya quisiera yo que mis gatos me siguieran así😼💕

  4. That cat would be out on his ear if he did that to my dog. No second chances. People are too sentimental. I would have taken it to a rescue centre and say `no good with other animals`. Perhaps he needs to be spayed/neutered. Then they kept on bringing him in! I was screaming at the screen. I think Kritter Klub is an extremist channel. Goodbye!

  5. Poor puppy is terrorized by the cat who is a beautiful bully. Poor Mama San loves both, but doesn't know what to do. They should be playmates, but cat wants the girl & her Mama to himself.

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