Timo the Cat got his own hammock, see all his videos to check out his progress.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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By earmpy

44 thoughts on “Timo the Cat and his hammock (part 3) check out his progress”
  1. TIMO you will never ever be forgotten tenacious is an understatement miss you everyday I love you with all my heart💙
    You are and always will be king of the internet🌷💙😊

  2. Oh,. That beautiful sweet boy . I love you Timo very much. Always in my heart. Love you . Timo family take care threw this . I been staying home as much as I can . I am still working. Take care. Love Timo. 💖🐾🐾💖🌹🐟🐟🌹

  3. Timo is a perfect gentleman💙 He is well behaved kitty man and has never attacked his fish friends. He has never felt jealous of Toby in spite of being the only kitty of your house for years. He is very caring about his little kitty brother. He is very innocent and cute kitty man. I love Timo😙

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