We’ve scoured the internet and found the cutest and funniest cat videos of all time. Any we missed? Let us know! What should we count down next?

— Video by Beryl Shereshewsky and Justin Rocket Silverman

Cat Eating off of chopsticks: http://youtu.be/bzvUyu3zOmE
Patient Cat and puppy: http://youtu.be/EJREoF9JHeU
Pool Scare: http://youtu.be/W-U7MR4buFk
Cat Massages: http://youtu.be/598IdFlOXcQ
Jumping Cat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awf45u6zrP0
Cat vs. Box: http://youtu.be/hPzNl6NKAG0
Cats climbing up Legs: http://youtu.be/l-2rjdjSk60
Cat Scared in Mirror: http://youtu.be/PTZFXXDkUsE
Cat in Outfit eating a Banana: http://youtu.be/JeTzsy2IrRM
CUTEST CAT FACE EVER: http://youtu.be/qIMvntC6pBc

Check out our other Top 10 Video: http://youtu.be/wfB0UHXp1nk


By earmpy

46 thoughts on “TOP 10 BEST CAT VIDEOS OF ALL TIME!”
  1. Its weird when you show yourself every 30 seconds with a button up all the way up ….why not jist commentary the videos woth iust yoir voice?

  2. Imagine posting about funny cats in 2012 couln't be me why the actual fuck would you post this this is graphic an to much goore wtf is wrong with you you rlly should find a new and better sense of good content you racist homophopic suxist idiot

  3. People say “cats r the worst pet” but people also say YouTube is the most entertaining video platform. They don’t realize that cats r the reason why YouTube really kicked off.

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