Twice the cats, twice the relaxation

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By earmpy

41 thoughts on “Twice the cats – twice meowssage”
  1. ふたりとも きもちよさそうに ねてるな~ わぃも寝てみたいなぁ~ ふたりと おんなじように な~んか 弾いてや

  2. This is exactly why all cats have been banned at concerts, one second their enjoying theirselves in the audience, next second their lounging in the piano, climbing in the tuba, laying on the drums and pawing at the trombone’s slides. You’ve never felt embarrassment like when the conductor holds up your Calico and demands, who does this cat belong to?

  3. People wonder: 'Why did the Egyptians worship their cats? Why, when one of their cats died, did they shave off their eyebrows so the world would know they were in mourning for their beloved?" Here's the answer: Cats teach us how to relax, they teach us how to love (dogs do this as well by the way) they show us what is really important — to lead a stoner's life, be cool, be calm, and scratch like hell when you need to, otherwise, just relax! LOL 💓💖💤💤💝💘

  4. Precious beautiful kitties..I’ve never seen anything like this…they love your playing…you sir are the cat whisperer via your piano!❤️❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

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