Experts are warning the European football championships could speed up the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus this summer. Games have been taking place all over the continent, with some massive stadiums at full – or nearly-full – capacity. Scientists say that the Euros are already leading to a rise in infections. And more than 60 percent of people in Europe still are not vaccinated.
The joy of Euro 2020 was summed up by Scotland fans: They were euphoric when their team earned a point against arch rivals England at Wembley. But their tournament came to an end soon after, and there was another sting in the tail – a COVID outbreak on and off the pitch.
Scotland midfielder Billy Gilmour tested positive, forcing him into quarantine. A post-game chat meant England’s Ben Chilwell and Mason Mount also had to isolate.
Even more worryingly, it was later revealed almost 1,300 Scottish fans were infectious when they went to London. The World Health Organization says supporters traveling to games is a recipe for disaster.
And the problem isn’t restricted to the UK. Finnish authorities say at least 300 fans were infected while following their national team, mostly at their two matches in St. Petersburg. That’s contributed to a sharp rise in new cases at home.
But despite these connections between Euro 2020 and COVID outbreaks, UEFA is pressing ahead with increased stadium capacities for the semifinals and final at Wembley. And politicians in several countries are furious. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer accused the governing body of putting profits over public health.
At Wembley on Sunday one group of fans will be celebrating their country’s great sporting success. But without further restrictions in London, fears of a COVID hangover will only rise.


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By earmpy

39 thoughts on “UEFA pushes for packed stadiums amid Euro COVID outbreaks | DW News”
  1. Only the people with underlying health issues die. If they had been quarantined at the beginning there would have been no need for any lockdown. Over 99.5% recovery rate without any woefully untested vaccine or booster needed. The human body can overcome any variant too. Best thing to.happen it to get Covid. When the blood clots and side effects take hold we will look back at this for the massive con this has been. Now check facts on the NHS yellow pages pages and only read UK column for a rational, unbiased news feed.

  2. L%%Q molinos can be shown, someone can run into the field with the L%%Q flag during the Hungarian anthem, BUT we are punished for anti-L%%Q molinos. If we do not support B%M, we will be penalized.
    What UEFA does is pure politics and discrimination against Hungarians.

  3. Well UEFA fans couldn't control with high health protocols to attend their games, I feel sorry for them people who already travel to see their favorite teams just seen the game without wear mask then they are own risk someone who get infected by Covid-19 with new variant special case. I dont understand why UEFA let those people come to their stadium without wear mask unbelieveable.Conmebol Copa America teams should be with protected protocols with no audience should be fine but UEFA cant handle supporters and fans keep come to the stadiums watch the game. All these problem whould UEFA responsible for high risk spreading virus to supporters.

  4. This is a recipe for disaster!!! And countries will be back a stage one!! But is money not people that matters!! Company's are the same! But the mass people and governments just let it happen so No crying about it!!

  5. But here in the United States we think that we can get a handle on it but then I see s*** like this and realize this is a lost cause. Covid will rule the world

  6. They got vaccinated, then it’s alright. Anyone who is not vaccinated in Europe where plenty of vaccine is available has to pay a hefty price. That’s their choice and I am not sure why governments trying to protect them against their own ignorance and stupidity!!

  7. What's ridiculous is that even the players have Covid and must isolate, but the very same measures will not be applied against the fans that attend these matches. The left brain and the right brain clearly are not cooperating.

  8. UEFA is made on Swiss mentality. And here in Switzerland your health is always less important than money and profit unfortunately.

  9. Did everyone miss the G7 or Wimbledon, the Covid scam is coming to an end so get ready for some new variant or something else to keep us under control

  10. You all knew this was going to happen! The government should have stayed consistent with health measures. You god damn fools! You deserve what you get!

  11. Reading these comments makes me realize the people area bunch of lemmings and will always listen to the government… clearly they are not smart enough to realize they are being programmed through fear. They will complain when the governments lie and are caught but when they are scarred and only think with their emotions they are nothing but sheep sent to the slaughterhouse

  12. eropa pada concern/prihatin sama bola euro, bikin kasus positif naik, eh, di indo, pada ngiri. emang beda level kecerdasan yak.

  13. There are harmful chemicals in the environment with menthol, cold feelings strong in the nose probably because of inhalation process. These chemicals made human bodies colder and therefore become succeptible to cold & flu. Only affected were those conditioned human bodies.

  14. Olympic in Japan, but before that, Euro 2020.
    One reality you can't deny :
    Gloom and doom are on the way for only God knows how many times it will be.

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