It’s Tuesday 8th June. Many people are calling for ‘Freedom Day’ (proposed for 21st June) and the release of restrictions in the UK … but, faced with the now-dominant Delta variant (B.1.627.2, formerly known as the Indian variant), is this sensible?

Animation devised and created by Vicki Martin with guidance from Deepti Gurdasani (epidemiologist at Queen Mary University London).

A few comments post-publication:
1) I am not part of Independent SAGE (as tweeted by Eric Feigl-Ding and a couple of others) nor was this created in association with them, I merely refer to their statement at the end. I’m merely someone with veterinary and physiology degrees who has a passion for medical/scientific communication, and a bit of time on my hands. This was done voluntarily as my own initiative.
2) It has been brought to my attention that I have been careless with wording. Scotland, Wales and NI are working to their own Covid guidance/restrictions, so I should have been more specific in my mention of UK vs England. My mistake, apologies.
3) Yes, the background music has an Indian feel to it, and we are supposed to be moving on to the new WHO Greek alphabet nomenclature. Some people have disliked my choice. I did consider this, but a) there was little else in the VideoScribe music collection that had this kind of energy and I wanted to get this out quickly as it’s an urgent matter, plus b) at the date of publication (8th June 2021) we are still in the early stages of transition to the new terminology. I thought the somewhat subliminal connection might help with that. Indeed some responses on Twitter have asked ‘what the heck is delta?” …

Thanks for the comments!


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29 thoughts on “UK "Freedom Day" versus the B.1.617.2 "Delta" variant”
  1. I appreciate the clear visuals and explanation.

    Re: the choice of music, as mentioned in the description. I do feel that it wasn't an appropriate choice, and I felt really uncomfortable. I think the video mentioned enough in response to "what the heck is delta", with India and Kent included in brackets under the Greek alphabet letter names, in the video. 

    I hope in future that you decide to trust your audience more in this matter, and leave that as enough, rather than having to reinforce the location of where this variant of concern developed, with the background music. I think that it served to really reinforce the old reference with location rather than help with the transition.

  2. There is another measure that needs to be taken, no matter how unpopular it is : digital tracing of contact cases. People that have been in contact to sick persons need to be isolated and be forbiden to circulate until they test themselves.

  3. and its all the unjabbed peoples fault, not the government for letting all those flights in from India long after the Indian variant was identified!

  4. Great video 👍 subscribed. Our eyes are on the UK now because whatever happens there will probably happen to the rest of Europe after a couple of weeks.

  5. SARSNCOV2 has mutated tens of thousands of times and not one single strain has been able to fully escape immunity. New variants in some way are mitigated by the fact that immunity in the population subsequently adjusts behind it.

  6. One dose does provide 75% efficacy against infection and probably more against hospitalisation. This, in the context of younger people represents a similar risk to Flu in elderly people. I can see a delay to step 4 being prudent but ultimately may look superfluous by mid July.

  7. So..all that..and I've said from day one. They want us ALL vaccinated.

    It's not science it's obvious.


    If they need 100% of people vaccinated in order to return to normal…

    Well guess what??

    It's not happening.

  8. Your soundtrack is just so… wrong.

    Apart from that, and a few UK-generalisations when you mean England, but this is too short a presentation for that kind of detail, this is (has always been) so true.

  9. Still trying to redefine the meaning of the word, 'case' to a non-clinical, digital readout of viral presence. Also calling presence 'infection' when that requires evidential symptom.

  10. Watching your numbers from continental Europe with fear, and continuing to be extra careful (with full vaccination).

    Thank you very much!

  11. Good stuff but they are never going to do any kind of competent border quarantine, so we'll always be seeding new outbreaks. Even if you do pretty well, you'll be fighting arsonists!

  12. Finally someone that gets it. I have been watching this virus for over a year and it's far from over. I think hard choices are ahead and I just don't know if people are willing to make them.

  13. Thanks for creating this Animation! Can you please do more as the Pandemic unfolds further in the UK? I'm sure your work will be widely appreciated. Thanks

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